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Here episode begins

Scene 1

Everyone is shocked to the core
Vansh (perplexed) – riddhima u..
How can u harm ishani no no..i can’t believe this

Dadi – riddhima can’t do this..

Anupriya – beta how can u do this

Siya – no..this is impossible my riddhu di can’t do this

Ishani (angry)- just stopped guys now..when i told u that this cheap girl is not right u didn’t believe me and after seeing from urself still u r not believing

Vansh (angry) – just shut up ishani..😠
He cupped riddhima ‘ s cheeks and

Vansh – sweetheart why r u silent just tell us na..that u r innocent😟

Riddhima just standing there like a statue

Ishani – speak up or i m calling police right now😬

Vansh ( angry ) – dare u ishani to speak one more word😬

Vansh (holding riddhima’ s arms tightly) – riddhima plz speak up damn it..i can’t bear ur silence😣

Riddhima (trembling in fear ) – van..vansh wo.. Actually..wo..i..m..i m..😭

Vansh ( jerked her in anger) – what’s the prblm riddhima just speak up ..u r that blo*dy person who tried to harm ishani and sia😟

This words hurt riddhima alot.. tears are flowing continuously from her eyes😭

Riddhima ‘s POV

I know vansh u love ur sisters alot bt how can u think that..that i may try to..harm them😟

Ishani – enough is enough bhai..i can’t tolerate this traitor more..u gave her so much bt now..she has to leave from here😣

Vansh (angry) – riddhima speak up damn it..i m begging u..😠

And he pushed her in anger😠

But angre hold riddhima

Angre – boss what r u doing u r not in ur senses😟

Ishani – its better for u to stay quite angre😯

Vansh – now what nonsense is this ishani😏

Ishani – bhai u always scold now i won’t stay silent😏 I will expose this blo*dy duo now.

The face expression of angre and riddhima changed they both r staring each other

Vansh – what are u talking ishani..

Ishani – let me tell u bhai the riddhima whom u r giving so much care and attention and angre whom u trust more than us are cheating on u

Angre – for god’s sake ishani stop it…

Riddhima – i beg ishani plz don’t do this..

Ishani – why u both r scared u should have think this before cheating vansh bhai

Vansh – what the hell is happening ishni what are u talking abt

Ishani – bhai this cheap riddhima and ur servant angre are in relationship and they are back stabbing u..

This statement shook everyone to the core

Bt the person who is most affected is vansh

He got numb for 2 sec

Riddhima – stop this ishani..plz..

Vansh ( composing himself) – what this can u even think of that

Ishani – they did this bhai and u r just talking about thinking here

Angre – ishani i m warning u..plz shut up😠

Ishani – u mr.servent stay in ur limits..u r the one who is cheating bhai

Vansh – ishani plz tell the truth right now

Ishani – i saw them yesterday in garden they both were hugging each other and saying i love u to each other..Am i right both of u..😒

Angre and riddhima are in tears now.. they both r numb😭

Bt ishani’s statment is shock for..vansh😱

Vansh – no i can’t believe this..

Riddhima just tell me the blo*dy truth damn it.

Riddhima is trembling in fear
Riddhima ( cupping his face) – just look at me vansh do u think i can do this…
They are so lost in each other..both are crying and having pain and anger in their eyes

Vansh – what ishani is saying is truth..

Just tell me blo*dy yes or no..

Riddhima – just listen to me vansh i can explain

Vansh ( angry ) – just yes or no… Nothing else

Riddhima and angre ( unison) – yes

And vansh feel like his whole world collapsed in that only one word yes

Riddhima – vansh plz listen to me once plz..
Can’t u listen to your sweetheart once

Ishani – just shut up u cheap girl.. Don’t try to trap my bhai again😬

Riddhima – vansh plz listen to me once😧

Vansh(firmly) – not a single word riddhima ..i don’t want to listen to u..

Angre – boss plz give us a chance we can explain

Vansh slaped angre hard that he fell on the floor

Riddhima goes to angre and.Caressing his cheeks

Riddhima – r u ok..r u fine

And she is crying very much seeing him like this.

Vansh is burning in jealousy and anger seeing both of them very close and caring for each other

Riddhima goes to vansh

Riddhima – how dare u to slap him..u r misunderstanding us for God’s sake listen to me once😬😬

vansh ( angry) – i don’t want to listen anything ishani was right u r blo*dy gold digger and cheap girl

This statement shook riddhima to the core

And she lost her balance bt angre hold her

Riddhima – how dare u to say that..😬

Vansh – i m right i was fool who was caring for u ..u r a blo*dy Cheap girl..

Ridhima and vansh shouted on the top of their voice
Riddhima – vansh

Vansh – riddhima..

Riddhima – now i don’t want to tell u anything u don’t deserve to know the truth but when u will get to know it u will regret mr..vansh raisinghania😏

Angre – no riddhu plz tell him the truth.

Vansh (clapping) – wow now she becomes riddhu to riddhima

Riddhima (holding angre’s hand ) – no need to tell him anything ..
And u mr.vansh raisinghania i m going becoz u don’t deserve me

Vansh – just go riddhima for God’s sake .. Don’t show me ur face again

Angre – no sona plz stop u can’t go like this

Riddhima – i can’t bear this insult more i m going

She says to vansh

Aankhe bhig jayengi gam se jab aankho ke samne hm nhi honge..
Bohot royega dil gale lgne ko pr is bar hm nhi honge

Then vansh says

Mere pyr ko ab tera pyr nhi chahiye mujhe ab tere jesa dikhne wala yaar nhi chahiye


Ishani – u don’t have to go i will kick u out myself

And ishani drag riddhima to the door

Everyone go back to their room dadi and siya are continuously crying while anupriya is consoling them and ishani is so happy

Scene 2
Vansh ‘room

Vansh is standing in shower

and he shouts on the top of his voice
Vansh – riddhimmaaaa

This shook the whole mansion

Vansh – why why why.why did u do this with me.u were cheating me with angre
Angre is my brother and u were like my shadow…my everything..why u both back stabbed me i m feeling hurt riddhima i feel dejected if u and angre were in relationship then why the hell u were being close to me why u were crying when u saw me in that state why ur heart skipped a beat when i was around u why riddhima why..i want the blo*dy answers damn it..😬i loved u to the core of my heart the VR who never talks to a girl was flirting with u since beginning when i found i  felt that i got my life back why u did this😭

He is sobbing continuously in anger pain 😭

After some time he came to his room and lied on bad

He says

Chal hmari mohhobatt ke nam ek sham krte hai
Sath guzre lamho ke nam ek jaam krte hai..
Nhi hai mere dil ko ab ishq tujh se..
Aaj ye aelaan ham sare -aam krte hai..


Suddenly his phone rings but seeing the caller his anger goes to its peak.

.vansh (angry) – why is she calling me now😬

He cuts the call 3 times

But the phone rings continuously
This time he picked up the phone..

Vansh – why r u calling me now😏

Riddhima-helo..hell.hello.van..van..vansh plz save me..i got..i.. got kidnapped..vansh save me..
and phones get disconnected

Vansh ‘s POV
Despite being angry with her i can’t risk her life i have to save her at any cost

Vansh( angry )- angre😬😬

Angre comes

Angre – yes boss

Vansh – riddhima got kidnapped track her right now

Angre shouted on top of his voice
Sonnaaa!!!😬😬I won’t let anything happen to.. Don’t worry i m coming

And he rushed to track her

Vansh is very angry after seeing angre’s concern bt this is not right time for this

He says

Kabhi mehfuz hua krte the jo tere ishq ke daaman me
ab wo bhi aawara se ghumte hai..
Jin lehro ka sahil the tum
Ab wo bhi kinara dhundhte hai


Angre – boss i tracked her..lets go..
I m coming riddhu..i m coming to save u..

Vansh – lets go fast

Angre – ishani i know u hate her bt plz come with us may be she will need u.

Vansh – what do u mean by she will need her

Angre – this is not right time for this..

They leaves

Scene 3

Riddhima gets consciousness and find herself tied with ropes on chair

Riddhima – where am i..who the hell did.. this ..hello…is someone here..
If i m right he must be behind this..

Suddenly door opens..

And a men appears

Riddhima -. You!!!
Aryan !!!

( Ab kis kis ko.heart attack aya kidney me😂)

So done for today guys..

I hope u r liking it

I was having goosebumps while writing this becoz i didn’t write this kind of emotional scene before i hope u connected to this quite well and u could able to understand the emotions which i was trying to depict

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