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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 30th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mahi telling Yogi to keep this secret to himself. She says that her family has suffered enough. Jogi says he can’t see her marrying Arjun and ruining her life. Mahi asks him to leave the town. Yogi agrees but warns her that one day her family will also know about Arjun and then will suffer so she might as well tell them now.

At home, Seema asks what Mahi wants to say? Pappu thinks that now Mahi will take Chanda’s name. But to his surprise, Mahi says that she will marry Arjun tomorrow. Rai Sahab offers sweets to everyone. He calls Mahi also but she walks away. Chanda makes her fall down. Chanda taunts her to watch where she is going. Mahi gets up and says that only the ones who know how to deal with failures can get success.

Dharampal asks Seema how will they arrange for the marriage in such a small timespan. Seema says she will talk with Rai Sahab. Rai Sahab says that he knows how hectic it is to arrange for a daughter’s marriage. Pappu says he also wants to contribute to the marriage. He offers his house as the venue for Arjun and Mahi’s marriage. Mahi recalls the conversation between Arjun and Chanda.

Yogi tells Vishnu everything. She admits that she misunderstood Mahi. Yogi asks why only girls have to sacrifice every time. She shares a plan with Yogi but he is too scared to implement it because Mahi has asked him not to interfere in this. Vishnu shows him the Geeta and asks him to do his Karma. Yogi decides to do what is needed even if it results in Mahi going against him.

Chanda is furious at Mahi and lashes out in front of Pappu. He tells her that only she will marry Arjun and not Mahi.All she has to do is to follow his lead.

At home, Mahi is talking to her family and asking them to take care of each other when she is not here. Seema and others ask Mahi to take them for a ride in Mig 21. Mahi tries to dodge the question but eventually discloses that she sold the car in order to pay off the debts.

Yogi talks to Angad for an idea so that he can stop Mahi from marrying Arjun. Angad gives him an idea but warns him that he will have to break Mahi’s promise to execute it. Yogi tells Vishnu that he will handle everything and that nothing will go wrong this time.

The episode ends.

Precap will be added soon.

Update Credit to: Swapnil

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