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Naira was sitting at Ganga Ghat and thinking about her and her mother’s reunion here. Her eyes get moist without her notice.

Naira – Ganga Maiya! Years back you united me with my mother. Now , please unite me with my daughter. I don’t know where she is? In which condition? Please give me back my daughter.

Naira – Mumma! I am very sorry. I hurt you. I don’t know how you spent so many years without me. I really very sorry.

She said and tears fall from her eyes. Just then a girl comes and her leg slips. She was about to fall but saved by Naira. In a reflex, Naira hugs the girl and her heart found a solace. The girl was none other than Krishna aka Kaira.

Krishna – Thank You for saving me Didi. I think you are mistaken I am not your daughter. My parents never cared for me.

Krishna – Why do you care? I don’t have any relation with you na.

Saying this she runs away from there.

Naira’s POV
Who was that Girl? Why do I feel like a connection with her? Is she my daughter? No, she said she had parents who don’t love her… But
POV Ends

Her thoughts were broken by Kartik.

Kartik – Naira! Where are you lost? Let’s go back in the hotel. See Kairav is also tired.

Kairav – Yes Mumma. Let’s go back.

They reached their hotel. Kairav was watching tv but Kartik notices Naira lost.

Kartik – Naira What happened?

Kartik – Don’t lie to me. Tell na what happened?

Naira – Vo… (She tells him about the incident)

Kartik – Naira you are over thinking. That’s why you thought that she is our daughter. It’s not possible.

Naira – Kartik but I didn’t said that she is our daughter.

Kartik – Naira but you indirectly meant it only. Now leave this topic. We are finding her na. She will be very soon with us. Ok?

Naira (not still convinced) – Hmm.

Kartik’s POV
May be Naira is thinking right. Abhishek also told that our daughter is orphanage. But not any orphan can be our daughter. I don’t know what God wants.
POV Ends.

Two – Three days passed and Naira used to everyday meet Krishna and now she had a good bond with her still she didn’t know that she is an orphan.

As usual, Naira reached Ganga Ghat to meet Krishna but she found her nowhere. Hours passed and her tension increased. Just then she found her sitting alone and crying. Her heart pinched seeing her like this. She ran towards her and took her in a hug and wiped her tears.

Naira – What happened Krishna? Why are you crying?

Krishna – Didi.. my parents…

And she again started crying. Naira tightens the hug.

Naira – What happened to your parents?

Krishna – When I was small I was raised by someone who I thought were my parents. They used to beat me. They use to make me do household chores. They used to torture me. I ran away from there and then I started living in the orphanage and today I got to know that they were not my real parents. My real parents Don’t even know about my existence. Those people buyer me. I don’t know where are my real parents.

She said crying shocking Naira. Her heart was sure now that she is her daughter only but her mind still doesn’t accept it and now she was swinging between heart and mind. Just then,

Neha – Krishna What are you doing here and who is she?

Krishna wiped her tears and broke the hug.

Krishna – Noone. Let’s go back.

She ran with Neha leaving a shocked Naira behind. Kartik came towards her.

Kartik – What happened Naira? What are you seeing there?

He said when he saw Naira seeing in the direction of Krishna.

Naira – Kartik… She.. she is…Kaira… Yes… Our daughter…

Kartik – What are you saying Naira?

Naira – Haa Kartik… She is our daughter… Humari beti… Humari kaira…

Kartik – Naira first calm down…. Shant ho jao

Naira – Kartik vo… (She tells her about Krishna’s story)

Kartik’s POV
Haa.. vo humari beti hai… Vo krishna… Par vo Rhishikesh mein… Par kahin vo… Nahi first I have to talk to Abhishek.
POV Ends

Kartik was about to call but just then his phone rings.

Kartik – Hello Abhishek… I was about to call you only.

Abhishek – Sir we have got a big information about your daughter. She is in Rhishikesh in an orphanage.

Kartik – What! Are you sure?

Abhishek – Yes Sir! Why are you shocked?

Kartik – Vo… ( He tells about Krishna’s story)

Abhishek – Sir I think she is your daughter only.

Kartik – Yes. I also think the same but we have to be sure.

Abhishek – Sir we have got a pic of your daughter. Let me send you then you can confirm.

He disconnected the call.

Naira – What did he say Kartik?

Kartik – He told that he has got the information that our daughter is an orphanage in Rhishikesh only. I think you were right.

Naira – But we have to be sure na.

Kartik – Abhishek is sending me the pic of our daughter.

Kartik’s phone buzzes and both got Shocked seeing thay there daughter was none other than Krishna.

Kartik – Naira you were right. She is our daughter.

He said expressing his happiness.

Naira – Yes Kartik. We have found our daughter. Let’s go and bring her back.

Both reached the orphanage. The were shocked to see that there was no good sanitation facilities for children living there. The felt very bad seeing that there daughter was living here. They goes towards Krishna.

Precap : Will Krishna Accept Kaira?

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