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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kairav asking is it hurting. Sirat says it will be fine, don’t thank me, I didn’t save you for yourself, but for myself, I would have knocked out myself if anything happened to you. In rishton se….plays… Kartik does the aid to her hand.

Rhea says Kartik has become Sirat’s devotee, her face is like Naira, she would be jealous knowing the marriage news. She turns and sees Manish. Manish removes ear pods. He says what happened, I was talking to your dad. She thinks thank God, he didn’t listen to anything. He says sorry. She says family safety first, ceremonies will happen later. He says so understanding. Kairav thanks Lord for sending Sirat in their lives. He says let her always stay here, I miss mumma less when she is here. Kartik comes and hugs him. Sirat comes and gets into funny argument with Kartik. They laugh. She says don’t joke about me, when I get national medal.

He says we will party then. She says I came to light a diya here, we are fine now. He says yes, light the diya, then take rest. She says Maudi is getting the outhouse cleaned, it won’t be right to stay here. She lights a diya. Lav and Kush come. They say police has come to arrest Sirat. Kartik and Sirat go to see. Kartik asks what’s the matter. Inspector says Dev has filed a complaint against Sirat, that she attacked him. Everyone gets shocked. Sirat asks how dare he. Kartik says relax, I will talk. He says its a lie, I will tell the truth, he called Sirat for practice at the garage. He tells everything. The family is shocked. Nani cries.

Kairav and Vansh look on from far. Kairav asks will the police arrest Sirat. Kartik says we are helpless now to tell this now, that coach had given her a pill and attacked her. Sirat says Kartik came on time and saved me. Inspector says whatever you are saying can be true or false, we got an order to arrest her. Sirat says I have complaint already in the boxing association. Inspector says we don’t care for this. Manish scolds inspector. Sirat says I will not go with you. Lady inspector says don’t force me. Kartik says that man is wrong, not Sirat. Manish says Kartik, its your mistake, you didn’t feel the need to tell us, we could have made things fine, matter has gone out of hands now. Sirat asks Nani not to cry. Nani says don’t talk to me, I asked you many times why you are sad, you didn’t tell me, what did you think, will you hide things from me.

She says Kartik, even you didn’t tell me anything, I trust you so much. Inspector says do this personal discussion later, let me do our duty. Sirat says I won’t go, go and arrest Dev, you are a lady, you should understand how I felt, sorry I don’t like it, but I have to tell it, someone told me that wrong doer should be ashamed, his intentions were bad, Kartik came on time. Kartik says anything could have happened, a girl complaint about him 4 years back as well. Inspector says maybe you are saying the truth, but we have to arrest her. Sirat says I won’t go, I m not wrong. Kartik says its my mistake, I have attacked him, file this case against me. Manish asks are you mad, why will they arrest you. Kartik says Sirat was not in a position to attack, I had hit him, I should have killed him, arrest me. She says no, let me go. He says be quiet, let me talk.

Manish says its foolishness to do this, stop it. She says yes, you did a lot for us, don’t do this. Manish asks him to think of family respect and name. Kartik says our name isn’t bigger than any girl’s name, Sirat’s dreams will break, her career will be ruined, media won’t leave her. Manish says think about your son atleast. Kartik says I know my Papa is with me, we are with the right, there will be some way. Manish says yes. Kartik says you said yes, now I m not afraid. Akhilesh says one sec, no one will go anywhere, talk to the commissioner. Inspector speaks to commissioner. He says you had sent an email to association, we can’t arrest you now. Everyone smiles. Police leaves.

Kartik and Sirat go to find Nani. They go outside the house and see Nani crying. Nani says we came here by the fear of defamation, it happened here as well. Kartik says its not her mistake. Nani says she is bearing a price for other’s mistake, you are the first person who thought so much for Sirat. He says don’t say this. She says you would have understood, I m so worried for her, who will handle her. He says no one will need to care for her, have faith on your Lord. Sirat comes and hugs Nani.

Suwarna and Manish argue about Kartik and Rhea’s shagun. Dadi comes and looks on. Dadi thinks I have something in my heart, I don’t know what to do. Manish says I will do all arrangements myself, I will get Kartik and Rhea married. Dadi says Manish, I m thinking…. nothing. She goes. Manish says I don’t know all this, but I have decided, that girl won’t step here again. Kartik asks is your hand fine. Sirat says yes, better. He says take rest. She says I have to meet Kairav, he would be scared seeing the police, can you call him outside. He asks her to come inside. She says no, I will meet him here. He says you saved his life, can’t we allow you inside, either meet him inside or don’t meet him.

Manish stops Sirat at the door step. He shouts on Kartik and asks will you marry her and make her your wife. Kartik says yes, I will marry Sirat. Everyone gets shocked.

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