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Scene 1
The priest tells Shiva and Sidhi that they will be together for life. Mangal asks him to not fool them, you just want money. Sidhi says I have to go for the prayers, she leaves. All go from there. Shiva’s sister comes to the priest and says I also want Shiva and Sidhi to be together, thank you. She gives him money as a tip. The priest says nobody can break their relationship.

Sidhi comes in the mandir, Narpat comes there so she asks what he is doing here? Narpat says I came here to meet you, I don’t know how you are living in that hell, you should be worried about your parents. Sidhi says I don’t want to talk to you, let me do my prayers. Narpat says I will pray that you get free from that animal Shiva, I am always with you. Sidhi looks on and goes from there.

Mangal and her family are waiting outside the mandir. Mangal’s brother says what if the priest was right? Mangal asks him to shut his mouth. Shiva comes there. Mangal asks where is the girl? Shiva says she is praying in the mandir. Mangal says I am tired. Shiva says you all can go home, I will come later on. Mangal says we can’t let you come alone with our daughter-in-law. Shiva says don’t worry. Mangal says I will stay with you, go and check on her. Shiva says okay and goes from there. Mangal says don’t know where that fool girl is.

Sidhi asks Narpat to leave her alone. Narpat says I want to help you as a brother.

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