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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 2nd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Randhir and Uday encouraging Amrit and asking her not to fall weak, she will get fine soon. Uday says once we cross the border, then I will give my blood to make you fine, just take some rest, don’t worry. Radha says I hope they send a car, it will be tough to hide in the morning. Its morning, Vashma sees the baby. She says my baby got exchanged with the banjarans, I will go and come. Radha says I will come along. Vashma says I will just go and come, let me go, please, else my baby will go away from me. Vashma runs. Radha prays for her. Vashma calls out Kabir. She asks the man about banjaran troupe. Randhir wakes up and sees a cart coming. He wakes up Uday. Uday says we will go across the border. Randhir asks Amrit to get up. He checks Amrit. He asks Uday to check, she needs a doctor. Uday says I will get Vashma and Radha. Radha comes crying. Uday asks where are Vashma and Kabir. Vashma sees the banjarans. She asks the lady to take her baby. She gets her son back. The lady asks for water. Vashma asks her to come along.

Radha says Vashma didn’t come till now. Uday says I can’t go without Vashma and Kabir. Randhir says they are looking for you, you have to come with us. Uday asks what will I do without them. Randhir says save your sister’s life, she needs your blood, I beg you, save Amrit, she will die, stay here, I will get Vashma and Kabir back, everything will be fine, we will stay together, no one will follow us, we will stay in free India. Uday agrees. Randhir says I will get Vashma, you have to take care of Amrit. Radha says promise Amrit, if you don’t come back, then she will die. Randhir goes to Amrit. He promises her that he will come back, they will meet again, he will give her all the happiness of the world. He says I love you a lot and kisses her. He asks her to wait for him. He asks Uday to take care of Amrit. Uday says sure, find Vashma and Kabir. Randhir hugs him and says I promise you, I will get Vashma and Kabir with me. He cries and makes a leave to find Vashma. Uday, Radha and Amrit leave in the cart. Randhir gets sad.

Vashma madly runs in the jungle. Randhir looks for her. He finally sees her and smiles. He goes to her. Vashma says I was coming, they had fainted, I was helping them. The lady thanks and blesses her. Randhir says come with me fast, they are waiting for us at the border. Randhir takes Vashma. Uday says we have reached the border. He thanks the cart driver. Randhir sees someone and pushes away Vashma. Vashma gets shocked seeing him caught by the police. Randhir gets arrested. He surrenders to police. He thinks I can’t tell the truth, I can’t put Vashma and her baby in trouble. Vashma cries. Uday takes Amrit to the hospital. He donates blood to save her life. Amrit gets conscious and asks where is Randhir. He tells everything. He goes back to the border to ask about Randhir and Vashma. The officer says no one has come. Uday cries and thinks of Vashma. Amrit runs to find Randhir. She says I will wait for Randhir, I m sure he will surely come.

Amrit is married to someone else. She meets Randhir in a party. She gets shocked seeing him. Randhir is shocked seeing her with her husband.

Update Credit to: Amena

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