Special one in our life #based on true story# (season-1) episode-21 – Telly Updates

Rithikha :- what should I do now? Oh god! Please give me one stupid crazy idea. I will be thankful for you!!!!! (Biting her nails, she was walking from one side to another side).

Then she collided with Vikram

Vikram :- god! Can’t you see!

Rithikha :- me!!!!! You should want to be aware around your surroundings.(anger)

Vikram :- are you ok? I have been observing you since morning! You are in anger mood, shouting on me. What happened! What’s wrong with you!

Rithikha :- me!!! (Shocking) hooo!!!! Now I understand, you lost in someone’s thought, you are thinking I don’t want to know about her that’s why you are blaming me (sarcastically smiling) right? (suddenly anger)

Vikram :- I think you have lost it! I am leaving, I don’t have all time to fight with you. (Irritating tone)

By saying this he left from their

Rithikha :- go mister Vicky, I will not let you go with her. Because of her you are scolding me. (Anger)

Meanwhile on other side…..

Ram :- is it working?

Vikram :- yes! (sad)

Ram :- why you are sad?

Vikram :- I am not sad buddy, I am tensed!!!!!

Ram :- but why?

Vikram :- you don’t know about her, if she get anger, she can cross her comfort zone. And it will be very dangerous for us…….

Ram :- Vikram, you are saying to much.

Vikram :- no Yaar, it’s not too much, I already faced that situation, I mean I had seen her anger once. I never thought that she can do that thing.

Ram :- that mean you are going to be in trouble.

Vikram :- exactly!!!!!

Ram :- don’t worry, I will handle her.

Other side………

Tanu :- so…… What’s next?

Harry :- I already talked with mom, she told me to invite you for lunch today.

Tanu :- what? Why can’t you say me at first. I don’t know anything about her, if she doesn’t like me, then what? (Tensed)

Ram :- relax! She already like you that’s why she was inviting for lunch and she want to introduce you with dad. That’s it.

Tanu :- but!

Harry :- don’t worry, I am with you.

By holding her hand……. They both smile and as usual they lost in their thoughts…..

Other side……….

Rithikha :- come on rithu, think! Think! Use your little brain.

Suddenly she strikes an idea. Her eyes sparkles like crackers.

She leave to somewhere.

Lena :- who are you?

Rithikha :- I am Vikram’s friend

Lena :- nice meeting you!

Rithikha :- me too! (Sad)

Lena :- what happened? Why you are sad?

Rithikha :- Just about Vikram!

Lena :- what happened to him?

Rithikha :- he is perfectly alright! I am just feeling bad about you!

Lena :- about me! (Confusing)

Rithikha :- yes! Are you going out on a date with Vikram?

Lena :- thought for sometime and said yes! But why? What happened?

Rithikha :- please don’t mind if I say something know. I know it will be a shocking news for you, as a friend I can’t say it to others but on other side, it’s a girl’s life matter.

Lena :- what are saying?

Rithikha :- he………………..

Lena :- what?

Rithikha :- yes!

Lena :- I won’t go with him (terror)

Rithikha :- are you sure?

Lena :- yes, I am!

Rithikha called vikram and told him the date is off

Vikram was in shock!

Rithikha is very happy!

Ram was in confusion!

Lena is in terror!

No precap……

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