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Hii guys.. I am back with the update!!

So the episode starts with..

Vansh’s POV
It’s been a week since she is ignoring me..and i hate it very much..i don’t know what to do to make her mood right..

All of them went out except for me, ragini,sejal and riddhu..Ragini was preparing the lunch so i decided to go help her out..

“Hey Ragini.. What are you making??.. ”

Ragini – I am making ramen.. Since it’s riddhu’s favorite.. I think she is in a bad mood.. Maybe it will cheer her up..

“Let me help you! ”

Ragini – Vansh.. Since you are one of her close friend.. Do you know why she is behaving so weird all of a sudden??

“I too am trying to figure it out.. But no luck.. ” I said shrugging..

After cooking we decided to arrange the table.. When ragini was coming she slipped and was about to fall when..

End of Vansh’s POV

*Meanwhile Riddhima*
Sejal was playing songs on her phone.. Riddhima got irritated so decided to go check if the food was ready.. When she was down she saw that Vansh was holding Ragini by her waist..she was tearing apart.. But this wasn’t enough.. To add salt to her wounds..(not intentionally).. Sejal started playing some romantic songs.. Ishq mein marjawan

She got tears in her eyes..she instantly went back to her room.. Sejal saw her crying and quickly turned off the songs and went towards her.. And hugged her..

Sejal – What happened riddhu??!!!!!!

Riddhima started crying her heart out..

Riddhima – I.. *sob*.. DoN’t.. *sob*.. KnOw.. *sob*.. SeJaL.. *sob**sob**sob*..

Sejal – Calm down Riddhu!!

Riddhima – HoW.. *sob*.. CaN.. *sob*..i.. *sob*.. SeJaL…. *sob*..

Sejal – ahh.. Wait first sit down..

Sejal made her sit.and gave her a glass of water..

Sejal – Now tell me what happened.. What’s the problem.. Why are you crying suddenly??

Riddhima – Ragini!!!!!!!!.. She…. *sob*..

Meanwhile Downstairs
Vansh’s POV

She was about to fall when i quickly got her .. Just then we heard a song.. We quickly parted..

Ragini – T-thankyou V-vansh!

I smiled in response.. Just then i felt someone’s gaze. I quickly turned to see but there was no one.. Maybe it’s just my imagination.. When ragini fell.. Then the plates in her hands also fell.. So we decided on cleaning it up.. After cleaning ragini went to call riddhu..

Riddhima’s room..

Riddhima was about to continue but there was a knock on the door..

Ragini – The food is ready..

Sejal – Thank you Ragini.. We will be there in a few minutes..

Ragini – ok..

Saying so ragini went downstairs. Sejal noticed the look on riddhima’s face.. She was angry and sad..

Sejal – what about ragini??

Riddhima – *sob*.. Let it be.. *sob*
Saying so riddhima wiped her tears away.. She got up turned and was about to walk..

Sejal – You like Vansh right??


So that is it for today guys.. I hope you all like it.. And please do let me know your views in the comments.. I will try to reply to them all.. And thank you so much for all the love and support you guys are showing to my ff.. It means a lot🙏🙏🙏!!

So as you guys wanted the, the confession is on the way.. Maybe in 4-5 or 5-6 episodes..

I am really very sorry for not updating for a while(maybe more than a while)..actually my schools are starting from 5th so from today i won’t be uploading every single day maybe 4-5 days a week..

And guys about wattpad.. I am really very sorry.. But the updates there will be slow.. I will be uploading the first chapter in one or two days..

Lots of love from me to you all❤💕!!

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