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Episode starts with Riddhima reaching home from college ,she was sad due to all that Vansh did with her.Her momm stopped her.She turned and saw all her family sitting in the living room.Her mom called her inside.There were her mother ,her step father,step grandmother and one of her step cousin.All were staring her like she has returned after doing a sin.Riddhima avoided their eyes and said to her mom that she is tired she want to go to her room.
Riddhima’s mother: BEta wait,show me your phone na..
Riddhima looked her questioningly.
Riddhima’s stepfather stood up…and snatched the mobile from her hand.He checked the call list and returned that to Riddhima’s mother and sat as nothing had happened.The smile on Riddhima’s mother face was like she had won a battle.
Riddhima ‘s other: Fine beta..go to your room now.
Riddhima felt it like a ridiculous act.They gave her the mobile and still they don’t trust her.Then why they gave it to her? All these questions were in her mind.
Riddhima: If you and your husband don’t trust me then I don’ want this mobile..keep it up to you.
Riddhima’s mother gave her an angry look and told her to be quiet.
Riddhima step father: Why are you telling her to be quiet..see her sacrements…we just checked her call list and look at her misbehaviour..
Riddhima : I am not misbehaving…just telling that i don’t need this box.Keep it up to you.
Riddhima stepfather: So leave ,,who is happy you in giving such a costly mobile.
Riddhima gave them a dusgust look and left.
She came to her room and sat on study table with head down.
She didn’t eat anything nor had water and just started studying.
Scene shifts to VR mansion.Vansh was in his room punching boxing bag hard and continuously.His eyes had became red and tears were in them.All that he did with Riddhima was in his mind.He was doing this from 2 hours.her hand were stiffed with pain but he as continuosly doing it.
He then sat and took his phone andopened the call list and saw Riddhima’s number.He talked with that number as if that was her photo.
“I am sorry Riddhima,but it was must.Today I gave you much pain,I hurt you so much,but that was needed.You know ,I had lost manypeople in my life.somewhere I feel in my mind that whoever I would relate to me,there will be problems and pain in that person life.That day when I asked you for friendship,I had not realised that you are such a person,who will get that much attached to me…but when I saw your call,I realised that I have done really very wrong by getting attached to you.I didn’t want to extend this any further.Because I have fear of losing my every dear ones,today this pain is less.You will atleast stay happy in your life,but if this would have got any further,and f you would have got hurt due to me,I would have not forgive myself ever.Forgive me please” He said all this to just her number and then kept mobile.He felt calm a little bit as he had said that to her.But he would never tell his fear to her,as he was never going to make her face anything due to his life issues.

next day Riddhima was leaving for college.
Riddhima’s mother: Riddhima beta please eat something ,you had not eaten anything from yesterday.
She stopped and joined hands in front of food,after all she was an Indian girl and was never going to disrespect food.But at the moment she was not going to have it.So she left.
She was on road.Waiting for the bus.
A man replied that you are late today ,bus had left.Riddhima paniced and rushed towards next stop for getting bus.She was walking on road,usually it remained rush over that road but today she was late and that’s why the road seemed to be deserted.
Suddenly she heard the sound of bikes approaching her with full speed,and to her shock,one goon from one bike snatched her dupatta and they left with driving the bikes with full speed.Riddhima unable to understand the situation,rushed behind those goons with full speed.
If tit would have been her purse or bag,she would not have stalked them,but this was about her dupatta,a girl’s pride ,it was her’s…no one had the right to snatch it.
She rushed behind them blindly.
They made the bikes turned towards the forest area.Riddhima didn’t notice.she was just shouting help,stop them and running behind them.
Then they seem to disappear.Riddhima stopped.She was heavily exhausting .She saw all around and got shocked,she couldn’t see the goons anywhere and she was in forest.All around her were trees,grass ,shadow and she found lost.
She was unable to think anything and was crying.She roamed here and there for a second but in vain.She then stood there by keeping her hands over her forehead.
She then took deep breath.Took waterbottle from her bag and drank water.
” Calm down Riddhima,everything is going to be fine,we will find a way to out of this jungle as well as those goons.Calm down”.
She tried to find mobile but remembered that she had not got mobile today.
Her face was pale,with fear over it and tears in eyes.

Precap: Vansh’s friend says to vansh,Vansh you remember that girl who was shouting over you yesterday,you know she had not returned home from 8-9 hours and police is finding her.Vansh heart seemed to be stopped.

(To all the Riansh fans who read my ff..thanks a lot to all of you. My first ff was ” Rooh se ibadat tak ka safar”,that was liked by all of you and thanks for that.My second ff” Sajda tera karu lakh vaara”,I stopped that midway because I felt that it was not liked much,and my third ff” For you and with you” ,thanks for all your support.but I have to stop it for 20 day because I am going out of city,and will continue this defintely from 23rd…till then thanks and love to all.”

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