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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1st April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Happu telling Rajjo that he will correct his mistake and will marry Chedi’s sister in law. He says he is going to make divorce papers. Rajjo says what? She says I have forgiven you. Happu says she always become great, by forgiving him and now he will become great by marrying Chedi’s sister in law. Rajjo gets shocked. She comes to Chedi’s shop with Malaika. Chedi asks if Happu came on line. Malaika asks him to be quiet. Rajjo says my husband will bring alliance of his marriage with your sister in law and asks him not to agree for the marriage. Chedi says he don’t like Happu. Later Happu comes home and shows divorce papers. Rajjo asks did you get mad? Happu says this is the punishment for him, as he couldn’t understand the Devi like her. Rajjo says Chedi is a respected guy and will not approve of his sister in law’s marriage with him. Chedi says I don’t have any problem as Happu earns much and also extra money/bribe. Happu asks her to sign on the divorce papers. Rajjo says it was their plan to accuse him, as he didn’t take them out for an outing on holi day. Happu refuses to believe him. Malaika asks Chedi to tell the truth. Chedi lal doesn’t tell truth. Happu says I shall be punished. Chamchi says we were angry as you broke your promise. Ranbir says we are not upset with you. Hritik says this house is on the verge of breakup and says they are not lying. Happu says my Amma can’t lie. Amma says we did this to teach you a lesson. Happu is adamant to marry Chedi’s sister in law. Rajjo says that girl is very clever. Chedi says I will not bear. Happu goes with Chedi.

Kamlesh waits for Kat and thinks today he will color Kat’s face, and thinks come before Rocky come. Rocky comes there and sings song. Kamlesh asks why are you behind me? Rocky says I will not let you color Kat. Kamlesh asks why? Rocky says lets play holi. Kat comes there and slaps Rocky. Rocky says Kamlesh was insisting to play holi with me. Kat says she was watching him since long back and says she will color his face black. Rocky goes from there. Kat says sorry and asks where is the color, you want to put on my face. Kamlesh says holi is over. Kat gets sad. Kamlesh splashes color on her. Kat says happy holi and applies color on his face. He applies color on her face. She says finally she is playing holi with organic colors. Kamlesh says this is strong colors and not organic. Kat says ok, no problem.

Amma and Rajjo gets worried as happu will come there with Chedi’s sister in law. Happu comes there wearing garland with Chedi and his new bride. Ranbir sings song. Happu and the girl try to take Amma’s blessings. Rajjo says she will die and asks someone to bring the rope. Happu asks Rajjo not to worry and says she will be in the corner of the house. The girl asks where is the bedroom. Malaika says either we will stay here or her. Amma scolds Happu for doing injustice with her bahu. Rajjo says she will die. Happu asks where was you, when you was planning with everyone. Rajjo asks did you come to know everything. A fb is shown, Beni calls happu. Happu tells him that he is feeling guilty of his actions. Beni says I came to know that your family is very clever and tells that they have planned against him. Happu asks him to explain. Beni tells hearing Amma, Rajjo and the kids planning to teach a lesson to Happu. Then they seek Chedi and his sister in law’s help. Chedi says I will help you. Happu tells that he will confront Rajjo. Fb ends. Happu tells Rajjo that he knew everything and played double game with them. He says he didn’t marry and the bride is fake. Rajjo asks when did you change the party? Chedi says I am like brinjal, sometimes here and sometimes there. Chedi lal’s sister in law goes from there. Amma tells that Happu will never do anything wrong as he has her values. Kat asks why did you drink bhang? Happu says I will be punished and tells that he will take all the family members to have food and icecream. They all get happy. Happu asks Rajjo to become bride. Amma says I knew that Happu will never do this.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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