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In VR mansion,

At 07:00pm,

Ahana: How was your day?

Ahana asked Vansh as she pulled off the hug.

Vansh: Good enough!

Angre too came down and Sia looked at him, teasingly.

Uma: Ohh Come’on Sia! You really need to stop calling Angre as Vansh’s wife.

Sia: Why would I? Vansh Bhai’s always with Angre, he has no interest in any girl.

Ahana: Exactly Bhai! You should get married, if not marry then atleast date someone.

Vansh: I’m for now not interested! And even y’all need to stop teasing Angre and me.

Ahana: Fine! But I’m going to a club now!

Vansh: Alone? Sia?

Ahana: Sia isn’t joining me, I’m going alone and you really don’t need to send any security, please!

Vansh: Okay!

Vansh went to his room while Ahana walked outside the house and drove to the club.

In the club,

Standing on the bar, Aryan gulped down another shot as he watched Ishani and Riddhima dancing on the floor. That’s when he noticed a girl standing besides him.

Aryan: Can I buy you a drink?

Girl: No, Thanks! I can buy one for myself.

Aryan dejected, looked away.

Girl(flirty): If you don’t mind, then let me buy you a drink.

Aryan smiled and turned back.

Aryan: Why not buy each other a drink? I don’t like to keep favours!

The girl smirked and extended her hand.

Girl: Ahana!

Aryan: Myself, Aryan! You have got a nice name.

Ahana: Really? Thank you!

They bought each other a drink and wer busy drinking, Riddhima and Ishani saw it from the dance floor.

Riddhima: Di, Aryan got another girl today.

Ishani: What’s new? Every time he comes, he finds a girl and flirts.

Riddhima: He’s bad at flirting!

Ishani: Really?

Riddhima: Last time to get rid of a girl, he took me as his girlfriend and was so horribly flirting, either I felt to laugh or to hit his head with a brick.

Ishani: Arrey, he must be good at flirting, lekin usko dar laga hoga, kahin tu usse pat gayi toh.

Riddhima: Oh God di!

Riddhima hit her forehead with her palm.

Ishani: Ignore them Riddhima, we’ll just continue with the dance. Leave Aryan alone for some privacy.

Ishani and Riddhima get along for the dance, ignoring Aryan.

Aryan and Ahana are well drunk and then Ahana pulled Aryan along with her to the dance floor. They started dancing while everyone else was surprised to see their chemistry.

Ishani: Riddhima, something is new today.

Riddhima: Yes di! It’s little hot today.

Ishani: Arrey idiot, look at Aryan.

Riddhima: But he’s not new di! He’s old only.

Ishani(irritated): I’ll slap you Riddhima! The chemistry between Aryan and that girl, can’t you see? It’s so clearly visible.

Riddhima: Why were you beating round the bush? I had noticed their chemistry long back. They look good together.

Ishani: Yes, for a day!

Ahana had to leave so she did but not before exchanging her number with Aryan. And Aryan had to be taken carefully because he was swaying since he was drunk.

Next day,

Aryan had a hangover as soon as he woke up. With much difficulty, he got up from his bed and went in the hall and sat on the sofa, besides Riddhima who was ignoring him.

Aryan: Now what did I do?

Riddhima: Nothing much rather than drinking too much last night.

Aryan: Is it my fault that the girl was too intoxicating?

Ishani(whining): Aryannn!!!!!

Aryan: Sorry yaar! But now forget all of this! I have a meeting at 03:00pm with

Ishani(interrupting): Ashish Mehra.

Aryan smiled and nodded and went to freshen up.

In VR mansion,

“Aaaaaa……” Ahana screamed as Sia threw the bucket of water on her.

Ahana: Is this the way to wake someone up?

Sia: Is this even the time to wake up?

Ahana looked at the clock and replied: It’s only 11:00am.

Sia: 11:00AM!! Breakfast will not be served!

Ahana: It’s okay na! I’ll have lunch! Where will you go taking so much stress? Let me tell you something!

Ahana pulled Sia on bed and made her sit.

Ahana: So yesterday, when I went in the club, I met this really hot guy, Aryan was his name. And we exchanged numbers.

Sia: And does Vansh bhai know? Or does Aryan know that you are Vansh Raisinghania’s sister?

Ahana: No! Will tell him later!

Ahana sneezed.

Sia: Go Corona!

Ahana smacked her arm.

Ahana: Idiot, it’s not Corona! .

Ahana went to dry herself while Sia left.


Aryan reached Hotel Skyline and was walking towards the reception. There was another man standing besides him, infront of the reception.

Aryan: Aryan Mehra!

The person turned to face him. And looked ar Aryan’s face carefully.

Person: Batch 2009, Class 10-A?

Aryan looked at the person surprised.



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