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Hi guys thank you so much for the support . Am very grateful for that. So let’s start 💕. The episode start as Ridhima was thrown out of the house and vansh was very broken even though he punished her for her betrayal but still his heart was not happy . Ahana ,chachi and ishani were toh on 9th cloud and dadi ,angre and aryan was feeling bad for her including vansh but he masked his emotions. After that everyone went to there room . Ahana was going to enter in vansh room and then

V:- Don’t you dare aahana I only consider you as my wife in front of media but don’t you dare step into my personal life or the results would not be good you better keep this in ur mind properly (angrily)
Aahana(scared):- Oh.k (stammering)
After that she left and vansh went into his room

V(crying):- why ridhima why? I loved u soo so much but what did you do ( beta vansh tune pyar kiya par bharosa nhi baad mein pachtana sach sun ke)😒 . My heart is breaking by seeing u in pain but bcs of u today sia is in this condition, u betrayed me by working with kabir . I will never forgive u( beta forgiveness toh tu mangega baad mein)
Here our Ridhima took an taxi and reached a place and hugged someone and cried bitterly and told the person everything. The prsn was now also crying and was angry too . In one place ridhima was crying and on other place vansh was heartbroken .

And question:-

Who is that person and telling you firstly only u will not get to know it in next update u have to wait🤭. And I know it’s small but ya will post next one super soon . Till then take care.  Luv u all💕

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