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Hello everyone!

I hope you all are fit and fine!

This was the first ever story that I had written on Wattpad, way before even writing OS.

I was in the dilemma whether I should post here or not! Will you all like it or not? And at last I thought of giving a try by posting here too!

Am telling before, Some you you might have read it already….

Also it’ll be very-very simple story! Don’t know if you’ll like it.


Characters you all will get to know side by side as there won’t be many as such! Just 4 main characters that’s it! Haven’t added the Raisinghania family 😅 As I wasn’t in the mood!


It’s a story of, when the hidden truth which was meant to be hidden from their children comes out to one of them.

How would the child cope up with the truth?

How would Riansh make the child understand??

The story plot is completely different one from that shown in the show. There’s no negative character in the story…


I guess the first chapter also might be out by now!

It’ll just be a Five Shots Story.

I won’t trouble you all much 😛

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