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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 6th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Samaira says relax now. We will focus on work now. Phirki gives her lunch. Roli says papa.. Chandrani says I will handle her it’s okay. She says mama left. I will be alone. Kuldeep says you won’t be alone. Papa will always be with you. If you are scared, papa won’t go anywhere. He takes off the tie. Samaira says I won’t go either now. We will all spend time together. Roli says I want to go for shopping. Samaira says Biji you also come with us. Chandrani says I am fine here. Chandrani says Samaira will be home with you. You two can go. Roli and Kuldeep leave, Samaira is angry.

Scene 2
Shubhra sees the name plate and says it’s my own house nw. She takes out the key and gives it to Rishi. He says we will open it together. They open the lock together. Aaji, Sanjana and their friends are inside. They say welcome home. Chandrani is on a video call. Shubhra says where is Roli? Chandrnai says she has a class. Madhura does their arti. Chandrani asks Sanjana to bring Kalash. She says Shubhra I made a mistake many years ago. I know you are Laxmi of that house. I didn’t value you and my son followed me. I am sorry. Shubhra enters the house and kicks the kalash. Everyone sprinkles flowers on her. Chandrani says you will have all the respect in this house. They do arti together. Madhura hugs Shubhra. They all eat sweets. Madhura gives her ramayan. Shubhra says thank you Biji.

Scene 3
Roli and Kuldeep come home. Roli says let me tell Rishi we got so many gifts. Kuldeep says Rishi is mad. Roli says he will be happy when he sees these. They come home. Roli says dadi see what we go. Everything is 2, one for me and one for Rishi. She says Sam auntie help me pack Rishi’s gifts.

Sanjana says Rishi, Roli, Amol come. Rishi says there’s no Roli. He gets upset. He looks at her things. Rishi sleeps in her bed. Shubhra says are you missing Roli? So am I? but we have to be strong and find a solution. See this doll. This can be Roli for us. Shubhra asks kids to play with Roli. Amol says is this Roli? She can’t speak now? She isn’t even fighting? They tease the doll. Rishi throws the doll away and cuts her. He says this isn’t my Roli. My Roli plays with me. She is in Mumbai. She will come. Saloni calls Rishi. She cuts thw whole doll. Shubhra hugs her. Shubhra hugs Rishi. He says aai.. Sorry. Shubhra says it’s okay.

Roli packs the gifts for Rishi. She says one racket for me and one for Rishi. Roli writes a letter, I will come back home soon. Then we will play with these rackets. Don’t play with anyone else. These are only ours. Chandrani says I can’t see her sad like this. Roli wears glasses to hide her tears. She says these are good dadi? Chandrani says yes.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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