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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 5th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manjari asking the Nurse what is she making since a long time. Shankar says it takes time. Manjari asks her to turn. Mayura turns to her and tells that she has made the cake. She brings cake for Tara. Tara asks if it is for my doll. Mayura says yes. Tara hugs her. Shankar tells that he wants to live this moment with Tara and don’t know if it will come again or not. Omkar asks him not to say that. Tara asks Omkar to come as they cut her doll’s birthday cake. Omkar takes Tara to the hospital with Mayura and the guards. Mayura pretends to get a phone call and tells Omkar that her mother fell in the bathroom. She asks Omkar to handle Tara and goes from there. She calls Dr. Khanna and asks him to make her talk to Tara. Just then Omkar comes there. Dr. Khanna gets tensed and calls Mayura as Mandira and ends the call. Omkar insists to see his phone. Dr. Khanna says there is no treatment for doubt and tells Omkar that he will do the session with Tara alone. He asks him to go and asks him to trust that there is no other way to go out. Omkar goes out and asks guard to look at the door. Dr. Khanna makes Tara talk to Mayura. Tara identifies her Pari Maa. Mayura asks her to play game with her and hide, and don’t come out until she calls her. Tara gets excited to play this game. Tara asks where to hide. Assistant asks Tara to hide in the medicine trolley. Tara hides in the trolley. Assistant takes her out, while Dr. Khanna diverts guard to bring the medicine. Omkar is about to see Mayura, but the latter hides. Assistant sees Omkar and gets tensed. Tara drops her doll. Omkar picks the doll. A girl comes there and tells that it is her doll. Omkar gives the doll to her. The girl’s mother tells the girl that it is not their doll.

Guard tells Omkar that Doctor asked him to get the medicine. Omkar comes inside. Dr. Khanna tells that Tara went to washroom. Omkar throws the icecream and grabs his collar. He threatens not to leave him. He goes to search Tara. Dr. Khanna asks Mayura to take Tara immediately. Mayura says Tara has not reached me and thinks where is she? She thinks to go inside and sees Omkar and the guard searching Tara. She wears mask and covers her head with the dupatta. She thinks how to go inside, and helps an ailing woman go inside the hospital. She goes with her. Omkar calls someone. Mayura comes inside and asks Nurse to take care of the old lady. She meets Dr. Khanna and asks where is Tara? Dr. Khanna says even I am worried. Assistant says that ward boy is missing, to whom I gave the trolley. Omkar brings Inspector there. Manjari says this is the fake doctor who kidnapped Tara. Doctor says he didn’t do anything and knows that his licence will be seized. Omkar says you will lose your life.

Mayura searches for Tara and calls Akhilesh. She says someone took Tara, now she is not with Omkar or her. Akhilesh says I will search Tara.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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