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Pratigya 2 5th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Krishna wakes up and has a hangover. He sees Pratigya’s assistant Murari there and goes to him. He says Pratigya is busy so tell me what’s the news? Murari says I will just wait for her. Krishna says she tells me everything so you can give me the news. Murari says Radhe went to surrender to the police for Balwant’s case. Pratigya comes there and asks Krishna to leave from there. Krishna says it’s about Radhe so I want to hear that. Pratigya says it’s my job and you can’t handle news related to Radhe so leave. Krishna thinks Pratigya can’t know that I pushed Radhe to surrender. She pushes him out of the door and tells Murari to not tell the news to anyone. Murari says Radhe went to surrender to the police but then he was found killed under the bridge. Pratigya says the culprit is very smart, he is cleaning all the proofs and might have given money to Radhe to surrender. She asks him to go and find out who Radhe met before going to the police. Murari nods and leaves.

Kriti comes to Sajjan and says sorry to him. Sajjan says you are an angry girl. Pratigya laughs at them and says I will go to Samar’s school. Sajjan says if he has done any mistake then I won’t spare him. Pratigya asks Samar to tell her if he did any mistake? Samar thinks Shakti didn’t do anything to stop Pratigya?

Krishna thinks I have to know what information Murari gave to Pratigya. He comes to Pratigya’s driver and asks him to leave. He says I will drive her around today. The driver leaves. Pratigya comes there so Krishna says I will drive you around today. Pratigya says you were drunk last night, you should rest and can’t drive as per the law. Krishna says I am fine so just let me drive. Pratigya sits in the car and drives away.

Samar tells Shakti that you didn’t stop Pratigya so I will not tell you who did the accident and you will go to jail. Shakti says I am your father so I won’t let you get stuck. Pratigya won’t be able to go to school, she is going to hell. I have failed her brakes so don’t worry.

Pratigya is driving the car and tries to apply brakes but it’s not working. She sees an old woman in front of her and tries to save her. She swirls the car and gets into an accident.

Scene 2
Shakti asks Samar who killed Balwant’s son? Samar says till I confirm that Pratigya didn’t reach school, I won’t tell you. Shakti grabs him and says I am your father so don’t force me to take some action. Samar says Garv did it, the car which killed Balwant’s son had Garv in it. Shakti is shocked to hear that. Shakti says how do you know all that? Are you telling the truth? Samar tells him how they had put Garv in the van and its brakes failed. Shakti laughs and says you are a bomb. Shakti says it means the lawyer’s son did the crime, her son will stand for trial now. She used to teach lessons to Sajjan but now she will have to fight against her own son. He laughs and falls to the ground. All family members come there. Sajjan asks if he has gone mad? Krishna comes there too. Adarsh is bringing Pratigya into the house and her head has a bandage. Krishna rushes to him and asks what happened? Adarsh says her car’s brakes failed and she was in an accident, I took her to the hospital and she was treated. Pratigya asks Krishna to calm down, I am fine. Sajjan thanks Adarsh for taking her to the hospital. Krishna thanks Adarsh. Komal smiles at him. Krishna sees blood on his shirt and asks Komal to take him for cleaning his shirt.

Komal brings Adarsh to her room and says I will bring Krishna’s shirt. She goes from there and Adarsh takes off his shirt. Komal comes there and looks away. She gives the shirt to him. He changes while looking away. Adarsh looks at Komal’s husband’s photos and says he was your? Komal says he was my husband and his name was Adarsh too. Adarsh smiles and gives a gift to her. She says don’t do all this and don’t bring anything for me ever. She leaves from there.

Krishna makes Pratigya lie down on the bed and gives her medicine. He hugs her and says I will stay with you today. Pratigya says you keep blaming me for not spending time with you so we will be together now. Krishna gets Balwant’s call and goes from there. Krishna asks how is he? Balwant says you know my pain. Krishna says you can’t change fate. Balwant says fate gets made by me, I have some work so can you meet me now? Krishna says sure, why not. I am coming. Balwant ends the call. Krishna looks on and tells Pratigya that I have some work. Pratigya says now you don’t want to spend time? Krishna asks her to take care and he will come back soon, he leaves from there. Pratigya says I should go to work too.

Krishna comes to meet Balwant at a site. Balwant glares at him.

The episode ends.

PRECAP – Balwant tells his wife that till I don’t find the killer, I won’t pour my son’s ashes in the river, now Pratigya will have to fight against her family. Otherside Shakti puts a garland on Garv’s photo and tells the family that the killer should be banished, Garv is the killer of Balwant’s son. Krishna is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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