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Hello everyone i m back i have already given u so many emotional episodes so i thought to give u some relax so that u can get ready for next heart attack

I m not adding pics today as i m not in mood don’t know why 😅

So episode starts

Scene 1

Vansh – now..stop crying u r my brave riddhima and i m always with u..come.. Let’s go home..

Scene 2

Riddhima’s Room

Riddhima is lying on bed and vansh is sitting beside her caressing her hairs..

Riddhima – i m sry vansh i thought that our relationship will brk after this revelation

Vansh – whatever happened u were not at fault and i will give that bastrd worst punishment ever..

Riddhima – what are u saying vansh he is dead now..

Vansh ( caressing her cheeks) – i mean if he would be  alive now i would have give him the punishment worst than the death

Riddhima – just relax vansh plz forget abt this

Vansh (thinking) (smirking) – i can’t sweetheart ..

And he bow down his head to kiss her but suddenly stops and come back

Riddhima gets up..

Riddhima – vansh plz don’t think that i will be uncomfortable i m all yours..

Vansh kisses her forehead and make her sleep..

Riddhima’s POV

Loving u is the worst mistake of my life aryan..

She says

Ham to bepanah mohhobatt dena chahte the usne to is kaabil hi na smjha..

Meri har adaa ko usne apni taalim smjha

Ham to sath jeene marne ki kasame khana chahte the

Usne to hath tk nhi pkda..

Mere har ek spne ko us zalim ne bdi khamoshi se jakda..

Ham to biwi bn na chahte the usne to preyasi tk na smjha

Mere har ek jazbat ko us kambakhat ne bdi berahmi se kuchla..


Thnq vansh for coming into my life..

Pov ends

Scene 3

Angre’s room

Angre is sleeping in ishani’s lap.

He says( thinking)

Dil chahta hai tujh  me itnakho jau…
Bs ek baar maut mile or zindagi bhr teri bahoo me so jau..

Angre – plz don’t leave me ishani..(crying)

Ishani (caressing his hairs) – i won’t leave u just sleep u r not fine

Her pov

Aryan was worst mistake of my life i wish i could have loved a person like u angre..

Wakt ka koi hisaab nhi hota…
Har sawal ka jawaab nhi hota..
Wakt par apne dur chale jate hai…
Or ajnabi apne ban jate hai…
Dil ko ek raahat si hoti hai..jab koi dur ho kar bhi itna pass rahe..
Dard bhi utna hi hota hai..jab koi pass ho kar bhi itna dur rahe…
Kyu koi karib aakar itna dur chala jata hai….
Aankho  se aansu bankr  chhalak jata hai….
Duaoo me jiski ibaadat thi…
Dil ko bas usi ki aadat thi…


I hate u aryan…

Pov ends

Scene 4

Next day..

Everyone gathers in hall

Vansh – i have back pain because i slept near riddhima in seating position but ishani why are u having pain in ur back..😒

Ishani and angre look at each other

Ishani (blushing) – nothing just

Riddhima – c’mon vansh stop ur interrogation

Vansh – ok guys today we are going for outing today on our resort

Siya – bhai i m not in mood u guys carry on

Ishani – yes bhai u guys carry on.

Angre – then what will i do there.. being a kabab me haddi between ur romance😉

Siya – ishani di u go with angre bhai na..u both can accompany each other right di (winking)😉

Ishani (looking at angre) – fine..

Scene 5

Ishani ‘ room

Siya(winking) – di u can wear red dress its angre bhai’s fav color…

Ishani (glaring siya) – why will i wear his fav color’s dress

Siya – i must say di..u and he will make perfect pair..he is so gentleman yr..u will stay happy with me..and he did so much for u..yr.. if i don’t consider him as bhai then definitely i would have propose him till now

Ishani (pushing siya out of the room) – u idiot just leave..

Ishani’ POV

She was right he is such a gentleman where were my eyes before..i was such a fool..he is handsome and i feel so happy around him now..
Wait..what!! Ishani u have gone made there is nothing like that..

Scene 6

Everyone get ready and about to leave

Siya (giggles) – why are u wearing red color di..

Ishani (eyeing her) – just shut up siya..lets go bhai..

And they leaves..

Scene 7

At resort

Riddhima – wow vansh this is so amazing lets go to water ride na..

Vansh – no sweetheart i have a surprise for u lets go

Angre ishani u can carry on we will catch u later

Scene 8

Vansh takes riddhima to a well decorated place..

With ballons candles etc..

Riddhima – this is so amazing vansh…

Vansh is sitting on his knees

Vansh – i have proposed u already sweetheart bt today i want to know ur ans

Riddhima bent to his level and cupped his face

Riddhima – i loved vansh since the day one..i love u..

Bt i was blind in my vengeance that i couldn’t see ur love
U r my heart vansh u r my soul.. riddhima is incomplete without his vansh.. i want to cherish each and every moment with u of my life vansh..
I love u so much

I was afraid vansh after that aryan’s incident i was scare to accept my feelings bt now i m ready to be yours i want to be yours in all means

Vansh kissed riddhima’s forehead and hands and they hug each other

Vansh – may i have a dance with my lady love😍

Riddhima – is this the thing to ask..

Vansh held riddhima’ waist and held her close and they start dancing

They are so engrossed in each other’s eyes..

Songs play

Woh rang bhi kya rang hai
Milta na jo tere hoth ke rang se hubahu
Woh khushboo kya khushboo
Thehre na jo teri saanwari zulf ke rubaru

Tere aage ye duniya hai pheeki si
Mere bin tu na hogi kisi ki bhi
Ab ye zaahir sar-e-aam hai, elaan hai

Jab tak jahaan mein subah shaam hai
Tab tak mere naam tu
Jab tak jahaan mein mera naam hai
Tab tak mere naam tu

(This song is  just osm yr…)

Scene 9

Angre and ishani are sitting near pool

And ishani started splashing water on angre..

Angre – u.. wait..😣

And he splashes water on ishani..

Ishani ,- ok now stop this..

Angre u are so drenched in water u will catch cold

And angre removed his shirt

Ishani’ s POV

He is so hot yr..i can’t resist.. wait what ..have u gone made just stop thinking this nonsense uff!!

And they both get up for going ahead

But ishani pushed angre into pool😉

Ishani – yeahh!!this is my revenge

And she started laughing

Angre’s POV

U can’t even imagine how much u look pretty when u laugh..wait what stop thinking this nonsense yr…

Angre – now u just see i won’t spare u..

And he started running behind her..

Ishani started running and hide behind bushes..

Suddenly a hand caught her by her waist..

Ishani – youuu!!!

Angre – i told u na..i won’t spare u..

Ishani (murmering) – who wants to be spare..

Angre (winking) – why are u wearing red today…😉

Ishani (blushing) – its my choice i liked it ..

And angre pulled Her more close to him

They are so lost in each other..

Ishani is touching his bare chest…and angre is touching her bare waist which is chilling down their spine..

There is much less space between their lips.

And they both suppress the gap..

And started kissing each other very passionately by biting each other’s lips

Ishani is touching his bare body and angre held her hairs in his fist and started pinching her waist with other hand..

Then suddenly something strike to them and they both parted away

Both’s POV

.dil ki mt sun ae  gaalib …dil toh abhi baccha hai…kuch kahaniya adhuri rehe jaye yahi accha hai…


Both has tears in their eyes and ishani ran away from their..

Angre – ishani wait..listen to me..

Before he could run behind her he gets a call

Angre – yes boss!!(vansh)
Vansh – its time for action angre someone’s death is coming😎

Angre – i m coming boss

And they left from resort..

Ishani and angre were silent in whole journey..

Done for today guys

I hope u got bit relieved after reading this light weighted episode bt be ready for next attack

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