Tu Junnon Tu Ibadat – Chapter 4 – Telly Updates

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vansh opens the door of car and pulls ridhima in. She was hell shocked at his behavior.

ridhima: what are you doing?😠

vansh: don’t you see I pull you inside the car😀

ridhima:  listen I am not your employee or wife anger who follow your every order. I am ridhima rai singhania and I will do what I want.

vansh: hmm

both reach the mansion and suddenly saw a doctor leaving the mansion. Both are hell shocked and worried for family members. Both run inside and find out anupriya and other family members crying. 

vansh: what happen why are you crying.

Anupriya: before some time mumyji faint. We call the doctor and he checked mumyji. He said she don’t have much time and we have to her andioplasty.

Suddenly a tear appear from vansh eye. Suddenly dadi wake up and all the family members went to her.

Dadi: vansh and ridhima please come sit beside me.

both ridhima and vansh went and sit beside her on bed.

Dadi: ridhima your parents took promise from me that I will make vansh and you marry.

both vansh and ridhima look towards each other in shock.

Dadi: I don’t have much time. I want to see both of you married so that I can die peacefully and go to my sons and daughter in law.

Vansh: dadi what are you talking you have to live with me all my life.

Dadi: vansh I don’t have much time please promise that you will take care of ridhima and marry her before I died.

anupriya said to dadi that I promise you that they will marry in next 7 days.

after hearing this ridhima ran to her room and closed the door and started to cry. Not only because of her marriage with vansh but also because dadi is the one who bring up from her childhood.

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