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ridhima ran to her room,closed the door and started crying.

ridhima: why this happen with me. when I was young my parents left and now I am going to marry a devil whom I don’t love.

she goes to her side table and open a drawer and took a picture from their and started to caressing it.

OK so guys there is a new entry “KABIR SHARMA”. he is son of Ajay and rrahul (vansh and ridhima parents)sister devyani sharma. After her husband left her she committed crime. but the twist is why her husband left her?? okay so I will disclose it later now come to the point. after that kabir begins to live with

raisinghanias after vansh went to england. He is a police officer and is transferred to another city. ridhima and kabir both love each other.

that day in evening everyone came to dining table for lunch. suddenly some one came. all were happy to see him but one person is fuming in anger that is vansh.

kabir: dadi , aunty , chachi where is everyone

anupriya(happyily): when you came back my son. you know I miss you very much. you know we have decided to get ridhima and vansh marry.

kabir: stop it just stop it. whether you asked ridhima what she want.
everyone look at him with shock. theydon’t expect this behavior from him.

anupriya: there is no need to ask her I know she is happy and vansh will always take care of her.

kabir: aunty he not even like her presence in our life and you thought he will take care of her all the life.(sarcastically)

Listening all this dadi came to the hall with dsouza. She already listen all the talks.

Dadi: what are you saying kabir. It is ridhima parents will. And its better for her.

Kabir: but dadi me and ridhima love each other.

All are shocked to the core. They never expected this. They all know about their friendship but this too much. Vansh is standing num because he don’t know how to react whereas ridhima don’t wanted that family know this truth like this.

Chachi: ho to ridhima thinked to play with both of you

Dadi: shut up chanchal if you anything else I will send you to your parents house.

Anupriya: ridhima is this true?

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