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Episode starts with.. 

Vansh turns and finds a dog lying there..

Riddhima sees the dog looking at her and gets shocked. 

RIDDHIMA: Why is this dog looking at me like this?

Vansh sees this and laughs silently. He tries hard and controls his laugh. 

VANSH: Just now I praised her that she is bold and clever. But, within a second she damaged herself. She is afraid of this street dog.. My god!!

Riddhima takes a stone and throws at the dog to chase it. But, the very next moment, it started to bark.. On seeing this, riddhima gets afraid..

Riddhima tries to go. But, whenever she takes a step forward the dog barks and steps forward. Riddhima gets afraid and stands there without moving..

Vansh who was watching all this, controls his laugh.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sorry, I know that I have done big mistake by entering your area without your permission. Please, leave me. I have to go.. I won’t do this mistake again..

The dog barks at her.. 

RIDDHIMA: Ok.. Ok.. No problem. Don’t get tensed. I’ll stand here..

VANSH: My god!

On the other hand, angre searches for her and calls her.. 

Riddhima recieves angre’s call. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai.. Bhai.. Help me.. I’ve got stuck in a big problem..

ANGRE: What happened? Where are you now? Why are you crying?

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I’m near the XYZ park. I’ll share the exact location for you. Please come fast..

ANGRE: Don’t worry.. I’ll be there in 10 minutes..

Riddhima, shares the location.. 

Vansh who was standing there, hears all her conversation.. 

VANSH: By now, angre must have got tensed..

Angre arrives there and sees riddhima standing in front a dog.. Angre chases the dog and goes near her.. Riddhima hugs angre..

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I was so afraid. This dog was continuously staring at me and barking at me..

ANGRE: Riddhu, it was just a dog.. Being a business woman how come you are afraid of a dog? Just think, what will others think, if they come to know about this?

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, you know that I hate dogs and I’m afraid of it..

ANGRE: Ok.. How did you come here?

RIDDHIMA: Actually( tells everything)

ANGRE: Seriously, riddhu you managed those goons easily. But, you are afraid of this dog..

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, stop teasing me. Moreover, this dog is more dangerous than those goons..

ANGRE: Ok.. Don’t worry.. Let’s go home.. If mom or dad wakes up then, we’ll get caught..

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I’m hungry…

ANGRE: Come.. I’ll buy kulfi for you..

RIDDHIMA: Thank you…

ANGRE: Did you forget.. No thanks and sorry between us..

Saying so, he takes her along with him.. 

Vansh comes out and sees her going with Angre.. 

VANSH: Seriously, this girl is a puzzle for me.. She handled those goons cleverly but, she is afraid of dogs.. Impressive.. What happened to me? Am I praising her? No.. No.. Better, I’ll go home first..

9.00am..SHARMA HOUSE.. 

CHANCHAL: Riddhu, wake up. It’s already 9.00. Today, you have your mehendi and sangeet ceremony. Get up!! We have to make all the preparations.. Come.. You have to select your dress and jewellery.. Ishani, will come within 10 minutes. She too will join you.. 

RIDDHIMA: Mom 10 minutes.. Please.. I need to sleep..

Just then, angre comes there.. 

ANGRE: Mom, you go. I’ll wake her..

CHANCHAL: Ok.. But, fast..

Angre takes a glass full of water and pours at riddhima. Riddhima immediately wakes up and looks at angre who was standing and laughing seeing her..

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I won’t leave you.. How dare you to do this? This time I won’t spare you. I’ve told you many times not to do this..

Saying so, she takes a jug full of water and chases angre.. Angre runs from there.. 

ANGRE: Riddhu, you can’t get me..

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I won’t leave you…

Just then, ishani comes there.. 

RIDDHIMA: Ishani, catch him..

Ishani catches angre.. 

ANGRE: Ishani, leave me..

Riddhima comes there and pours water on him.. Ishani laughs on seeing it.. 

ANGRE: Ishani, why did you do this?

ISHANI: I’ll always support my bhabhi only..


ISHANI: Obviously, you are going to marry my bhai.. Then, how will I call you?

RIDDHIMA: Ishani, please don’t call me like that.. Just call me riddhima..

Saying so, she turns and finds vansh who was standing there.. 

RIDDHIMA: Ishani, now why did your bhai came here? Is he too going to accompany us to select lehenga?

Saying so, she laughs. Ishani too laughs.. 

ANGRE: No.. Actually, we both are going to select our dress. So, I called him.. You both better mind your own work..

Just then, vansh laughs.. 

VANSH: Thank you partner..

ANGRE: Welcome partner..

Riddhima gets angry and pours the remaining water on angre.. 

Vansh sees this and laughs.. 

PRECAP: Is this vansh? Am I dreaming? 

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