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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 6th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaurya and Anokhi arguing. He shouts. She says no guests are allowed at this time, management will remove me from college, my career will be ruined. He says nothing will happen, trust me. She says you don’t understand. He says no. She says you are the director of the college, someone can talk behind your back, how will you make people quiet. He asks who. He sneezes. She asks what was so imp that you came here. He says our talk was incomplete. She says its done already. He says you don’t value my words. She says I m listening, tell me PS. He asks why do you always talk to Ahir, he has some work, he will do his work, if he is just after you then his intention isn’t right, when you talk to him, I don’t like it, why do you talk to him. He asks did you come here to say this. He says no, I just said that, I came to tell something else. She asks him to say. He says when I try to talk, your constable comes in between. She says ACP. He says yes ACP, don’t you understand what I mean to say, I think that I m …. but…

Someone knocks the door. Reema calls out Anokhi. Anokhi says I was afraid for this, go from here. Shaurya says fine. She says no, go from the window. Reema says just come out, weather is good. Shaurya says they don’t know, they think you are asleep, they will go, or tell them not to disturb. Reema goes. Shaurya says I think I should leave. He gets dizzy. Anokhi asks are you fine. He says yes. She says you are suffering from fever, you won’t go. He says I m fine, I m going. He falls back. She holds him. She gets back. She says what shall I do, you are wearing wet clothes, remove the shirt. He says I m okay, don’t argue. She says I will iron it and give you, remove the shirt, sit quiet. She removes his shirt. She says I will get my brother’s tshirt, it came with my stuff by mistake. She asks him to wear it. He refuses. She stops him and says I won’t listen to you. He says okay, can I have some water. She goes out to get water. Tej asks Shaan the special reason. Shaan says no. Alok teases him. Tej says you make a drink. Shaan says no, I have no sorrow to drink now. Tej says you had kept sorrow with you for no reason. Shaan says yes, I have wasted time, I should have got divorced before itself. Shaurya sleeps. Anokhi gets water.

She checks him and says his fever is getting high, I can’t tell anyone, they will blame me. He asks Shaurya to open his eyes. She says I will call Shaan. Devi sees Anokhi’s call on Shaan’s phone. She disconnects. Devi says I want the entire family to be together. Babli gets Anokhi’s call. She worries and goes to attend the call. She asks are you fine. Anokhi says Shaurya is suffering from high fever, he had come to meet me, he is in my room. Babli says you will get defamed, send him away. Anokhi says I m not thinking about it, send me doctor’s number. Babli sends the number. Anokhi takes care of Shaurya. She calls a doctor and gets prescription for Shaurya.

She gives a tablet to Shaurya. He holds her hand and thanks her. He says I will go, I don’t want you to face any problem. She says that’s my problem. She worries. Tej asks Devi not to worry, Shaurya will come. Devi says I m worried today, he said he is coming. She thinks that Shaurya has seen Shagun. She says understand my feelings, something is wrong, try to understand, call the police. Tej says fine. Anokhi takes care of Shaurya.

Anokhi cries and says open your eyes, I feel hurt, I like you a lot. Ahir comes to meet her. Devi asks her to call Shaurya outside.

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