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Recap:Secret meeting of AnuRaj

Haldi gets over in a fine manner.Everyone goes out together for final shopping. Vanraj takes Anupama out for a ride without the family’s knowledge. Everyone gets scared as they don’t see the to-be-couples.They roam around happily while the family is afraid. They come back and;

Leela: Betta where were you all this time, we were worried for you.

Vanraj: Maa, actually I was with Anu. I wanted to spend time with her.

Leela: So you started to go out without my permission too??When you got your wife now you don’t care for your mother

(She starts to cry)

Hashmukh: Leelaaa,your betta is grown up atleast leave him now.

Leela: How can I leave my son within 1-2days, how can he leave me?

Hashmukh: I don’t find any fault in this,because he has to live with her for the rest of her  life.

(Leela crys)

Anupama: Sorry Baa, we didn’t see anyone of you out there that’s why we didn’t inform,he said we will return soon.

Leela: ohh,so you will go out with any boy when he calls?

Both father and son shouted together at Leela for telling non-sense about Anu.

Both the families disperse

At the Shah’s

Leela shouts at Vanraj and Hashmukh for insulting her in the public and starts crying

Dolly: Maa, don’t overreact. It is your mistake not papa’s  or bhai’s mistake.

Leela:Even you started! before marriage itself I am suffering like this don’t know  after marriage how will it be!!

Dolly: It’s bhai’s sangeeth tomorrow just chill maa. Bhavesh and I are planning a surprise

Vanraj: Surprise?

( It slipped off from Dolly’s mouth)

She had to tell everything to Vanraj.

Vanraj: Haaa, that’s a good idea. We will surprise Anu.

Scene skips to the Sangeeth night.

At the Venue ,when Anupama comes in all are talking about an accident.She doesn’t pay attention. When she overhears Vanraj’s name she gets alert asks Bhavesh who seemed to be worried.He tells that Vanraj is met with an accident and the sangeeth is cancelled. While she tries to run from the Venue the doors close and the lights are turned off.She faints down everyone gets worried. Lights are turned on and Vanraj rushes to her. Their plan Failed!! When Vanraj comes near Anupama she opens her eyes and she laughed loudly.

Anupama(getting up energitically):I am totally fine. I overheard their plan and planned it in my own way(she laughs).

FB….{Anupama reaches the shah’s to apologize for her mistake to Leela, she hears Dolly saying about their plan and she leaves from their silently.}FB ends

Everyone gets the josh back.

Dolly’s dhamakedhar performance stuns the judges, while Bhavesh was not at all bad even his moves rock the floor. The points of both the families were equal.Kavya and

Anirudh exchanged their teams.Kavya was in Vanraj’s team and Anirudh in Anupama’s team. Sangeeth goes on well. They play exciting games and have fun. (Seeing everyone have fun…)

Vanraj: Please keep my family smile like this please don’t disappoint them

Anupama:I promise you that I will keep them happy as long as I am alive.

Vanraj: For 100 years???(mocking)

Anupama and Vanraj have conversation without realizing that everyone is watching them.

Spot light falls on them and they start to dance.

(Anirudh didn’t notice Kavya coming from the opposite side and he spilled some drink on her gown. Kavya thinks that he purposely spilled it and starts fighting with him. He thinks that she is a total nut-case and leaves without arguing.)

Kavya(going behind him): Oiii,don’t show your arrogance in front of me,you don’t know me I will thrash you up.

Anirudh(Giggling): Then come-on thrash me up.

Anupama: Kavya-Anirudh reconciling coffee date brings new twist

Kavya(Angrily): I don’t want to create a scene here. So you have escaped this time.

Anirudh(Mocking):Tell me that you are afraid!!!

Kavya turns and go angrily. Anirudh laughs and turns away.

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