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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 7th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer bringing Anaita home. Rani maa gives Anaita the shagun and welcomes her in the family. Amrit thinks it will be better that I leave this house, but I will always wait for Randhir. Veer asks Anaita to promise, that she will sit for hours listening to him. She likes the crown. He says its too beautiful. She says it will look beautiful with my blue gown. She plays with a toy. He asks her to just stop playing with it. She doesn’t listen. He shouts and pushes her. He throws the toy and ruins it. Everyone gets to hear his shout. Anaita runs to her dad. Amrit walks on the road and cries.

Anaita and her dad angrily leave. Amrit sees her inner self, asking her did she choose an easy way again. She says you can’t leave relations incomplete. Veer drives somewhere. He stops the car. He recalls his mum calling him incomplete. She scolds him a lot. He sits drinking. He says I m not incomplete, I will get a bride, I can get any girl, I m a complete man. Amrit sees the temple and cries talking to Lord. Veer comes drunk. He sees her and recalls meeting her. He gets the chunri and goes back to the car. Amrit comes back home. She sees Babli crying. She consoles the girl and takes her along. She speaks to the people. She asks what’s the mistake of this girl, burn your hatred, I m not asking anything much, if you think I m wrong, then fine, at least spare this girl, I beg you all. Amrit sees Saroj and smiles. She unpacks her bag. She speaks to Randhir’s pic.

The officer says you are getting freed, that girl will be lucky who you miss so much, does she also miss you. Randhir says she can’t forget to remember me. Amrit cries. Randhir says I m coming Amrit, now no one can stop us from uniting. Amrit calls out everyone. She says that groom’s family has come. Saroj asks why did they come. The groom’s family happily come. Veer also arrives there and meets Amrit.

Veer says I want to talk to you. Randhir says pray that I meet Amrit soon. Bhanu says Veer has asked for your hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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