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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 7th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Omkar gives money to Megha. Mayura sees it. Megha tells Omkar to keep giving money and she will share all Mayura’s plans. Mayura comes in front and tells Megha that she did such a big betrayal with her sister for some money? Megha says she needed money. She asked her, but she didn’t give. So she had to do something on her own. Megha tells Omkar that Mayura is his problem now and leaves. Mayura asks why he did Tara’s kidnapping drama when Megha had told him the truth. He says to make her say the truth. He won’t let Tara be around her. She asks what he thinks that he can separate her from Tara by giving a notice. He says that’s what he likes about her. It’s been 5 years, she still has not given up. She says she will free Tara from a stone hearted person like him. He gifts her Tara’s doll saying she needs to spend rest of her life with it. He is taking Tara very far from her. He tells her not to ever say again that she’s Tara’s mother. He sees a shadow of mother-daughter and stops. She says he gave her doll, but it seems like Tara. Soon this shadow will be reality. He stands on the shadow and says no one can win against Omkar.

Megha’s husband apologizes to Mayura on behalf of Megha. She says she knows he would not have let this happen if he knew the truth. Akhilesh says he will go and talk to Megha. Mayura stops him saying there is no point. Her truth is out. She is worried that Omkar will take Tara away from her. She doesn’t know what to do.

Omkar comes to Tara’s room. She hides something. He asks what did she hide? It’s Mayura’s photo. He asks how did she get it? It was in his cupboard. She asks it’s Pari Maa right. Why he doesn’t like her? She doesn’t want to go away from her. He tries to snatch photo and it falls on the floor. Omkar’s parents come. He asks his mother how she got that photo and he told her to make her understand that they are leaving tomorrow. She says she did. He says he will do it by himself and leaves with Tara. Omkar’s dad says sooner or later, Tara will find out the truth.

Mayura is going somewhere with posters and photos. She tells her family that she needs their support in her fight. They say they are always with her and ask what she’s planning?

In night, when Omkar is sleeping. Tara comes to window and makes a wish that Pari Maa comes back to her and she doesn’t need to leave from there.

In morning, Omkar is getting ready to leave. Tara is sleeping. Mayura protests outside his home to return her daughter to her. He comes outside. Mayura and her family are there with press. Omkar asks what’s this drama? If she thinks she can stop him from leaving, then she’s misunderstood. She says she won’t let him take her daughter easily like that. Tara wakes up and sees Omkar and Pari Maa together. Mayura tells the press that Omkar kept her away from her daughter for 5 years. She shows photos of their marriage and Tara’s new born. She says that was the last time she had her daughter in her hands and then this man separated her. He throws the photos and asks her to stop her nonsense. Tara comes outside and sees Omkar and Mayura’s wedding photo. Omkar says Tara doesn’t have any mother, she is his daughter only. Mayura says Tara is her daughter as well. She is not just Pari Maa, she is her real mother too. She has given birth to her. He lied to Tara that her mother had died. She’s alive. Tara hears it and cries. She recalls time she spent with Mayura. She says Pari maa is her real mother. Why Omkar lied that her mother was dead? Omkar tells Mayura that he will take Tara from there, she can do whatever she wants. Tara runs back inside and pretends to be sleeping. Omkar goes back inside and take Tara. Maa asks him what he is doing? There is press outside. He doesn’t listen and puts Tara in car. Mayura stands in front of his car.

Akhilesh asks Tara to move. Omkar is crazy. Mayura says if she moves, then she will lose her daughter forever. She asks everyone to move. It’s her and Omkar’s fight, she will fight alone. Her family members stand there only saying they are with her. Omkar starts driving. Tara gets scared and says stop the car else mumma will get hurt. He asks what she said? And notices his and Mayura’s marriage photo in her hands. He asks her to stay in car. He will explain her everything. Police come and tell Mayura that she cannot protest on personal property like that. Omkar says she is stopping him from taking his daughter. Some ladies say he’s committing a crime by taking a daughter away from her mother as well. Omkar’s mother says what mother? She kidnapped Tara yesterday. She’s mental. They cannot leave Tara on her. Mayura thinks she didn’t think they would stoop so low. She has to play her final move.

Precap: Ladies ask Tara who she want to stay with. Tara says both. Ladies say Omkar and Mayura have 14 days to let Tara decide who she wants to live with.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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