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Men have their own party going on outside as they were not allowed in God Bharai. Akshay tells Rohan to be prepared, life will change after baby. Rohan tells him that he has always treated patients, today he will treat him and gives him a hug. Jeet comes there and provokes intoxicated Harak Singh that ladies can’t kick them out like that.

Soumya dances. Mahi gets insecure. She jumps in front of Soumya and starts dancing. They both then dance together. Souyma brings other ladies along with Simran. They all dance around Simran. Preeto notices Mahi’s insecurity and gestures her to control. Preeto tells Mahi and Soumya to start the ritual. Mahi rushes before Soumya and picks up aarti’s thaal. However, Simran stops her saying she wants Soumya to do the ritual.

Virat comes outside with two girls. They ask why he doesn’t have any girlfriend, he is so hot. Heer comes there. Virat says there was, but she left him. A girl asks was she crazy? Virat says yes. The girl then asks who he likes from them 2. Virat says Heer… She asks yes, sir? He asks her which girl is better from 2? She says she has come to do house work, not his stupid work.

Simar says if Soumya does the ritual, then her child will get blessings. Mahi says that Soumya came during her pregnancy as well, and they all know the results. Preeto goes to Mahi and says everyone is listening. Mahi says such big disaster is happening and she’s making her quiet? Simar says she used to think same, but after staying with Soumya and Heer, she came to know that she was wrong. Malaika supports Soumya that she’s pure hearted. If she blesses, then it will be best for child. Mahi says what has happened to them? Why they are not understanding? Preeto asks what’s happened to her? For how long she will do differences? She takes aarti’s thaal and gives to Soumya. Soumya tells her to let Mahi start. Preeto says when Simran wants her to do it, no one can go against her decision.

Virat follows Heer in kitchen and says he almost died because of her… that’s why she wants to leave him, right? She says she doesn’t have time to talk about all that. She walks. He pulls her to him. He asks her to pick a girl for him and get free from him then. She pushes him back and asks why he keeps forgetting that it was his decision to live like strangers. Why he keeps reminding him about past. He wants her to leave from there too? He asks how far she will go? She has already gone so far. He further tells her that till she is in that home, she will have to listen to everything he says. She must pick a girl for him as he doesn’t know how to pick a girl. Once he did, but the girl left him. She asks why he’s doing all that? Is he having fun? Does he realize what she is suffering from? He says it’s no different for him. She says if that’s what he wants, then let it be. She will choose a girl for him.

Soumya does Simran’s aarti and starts the ritual. Mahi watches angrily. She goes next. Preeto and other family members go next. Malaika also blesses Simran.

Heer tells two girls that they will have to do something to prove that they really like Virat. She asks a servant to bring some stuff. Girls wonder what Heer is going to make them do. Servant brings potatoes and flour. Heer says Virat loves home food, specially aloo paratha. So today it’s going to be their cooking test. Virat’s to be wife should at least know that. Virat just stands and watches. Girls give up. Heer tells Virat that both girls are perfect for him. He asks why so? She says because they also want to do time pass like him. One girl says she’s not doing time pass, she is serious. She can even give up her life for him. Heer tells her to prove it. Another girl says how they can give up life like that. Heer says when someone truly loves someone, they don’t need a reason to sacrifice their life. She tells the girls that it seems they don’t know anything about love and tells them to forget about marrying Virat. She advices Virat to not choose any girl from those 2, he will never be happy with them. Parmeet comes there. One girl asks who she is to reject them. Parmeet tells Heer how dare her to insult her guests. She raises her hand at Heer, but Heer blocks it.

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