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Chapter VII


Vansh slapped Kabir will all his might on his right cheek.

Kabir’s ears ringing, he couldn’t think straight.

Kabir's ears ringing, he couldn't think straight

Everyone gasped

“How dare you Kabir? How could you even think of something so horrendous? Don’t you have even an ounce of humanity left in you?” Vansh yelled.

“Look whose talking about humanity?! I don’t have humanity , sure, says the guy who blindly set out to take revenge on his poor naive wife” “You all deserve this, you and this whole Raisinghania family is cursed, its probably because of all the sins your father has committed my dear half- brother-“

“How dare you?! ” Vansh roared pulling kabir by his collar and banging his head to the wall.

Kabir’s eyes were closed but he still had a psychotic grin on his face, he knew his end was near but he also knew that his revenge was finally complete.

Kabir's eyes were closed but he still had a psychotic grin on his face, he knew his end was near but he also knew that his revenge was finally complete

He had destroyed Vansh and he knew Riddhima would never forgive him.

Vansh would be like a lifeless toy after her departure and just like that the whole family would suffer.

Just then soft footsteps and a faint sound of humming glided near the room.

It was Riddhima ,

“Take care of yourself child, i’m sorry” dadi said patting her back.

Everybody left the room giving her an apologetic glance to leave her be with her favourite sister- in-law

Kabir left the room smirking, as Vansh cursed his fate for having misunderstood such a sweet and naive angel.

“Riddhima di, can i sleep on your lap tonight?” asks Siya tiredly.

“Ofcourse Siya” Riddhima replies with a sad but content smile.

“You know Siya I have a villa near the beach in Alibag, after leaving VR mansion im going live there, you can come visit me anytime you like, you stay there with me if you want for vacations, i’ll love that”

Siya hums as her response.

Siya adjusts her head on Riddhima’s lap and slowly sleep consumes her as Riddhima glides her fingers through her hair.

Unknown to both of them Vansh was looking at them fondly through the glass door

He was pleased to see their sisterly bond.

He was really puzzled thinking as to were Riddhima got so much money, first those expensive clothes and now a Bunglow in Alibag …..all this seemed too weird for someone who worked two jobs for living.But he promised himself to convince his beloved wife to forgive him so they could have a fresh start.

but little did he know this wasn’t as easy as it sounded in his head.

Riddhima wasn’t the same old innocent, soft hearted Riddhima who could be easy emotionally manipulated.

Next morning

“Riddhima di do you really need go?” whined Siya for atleast the 5th time since morning. She was feeling bad,she had so many plans to enjoy her sister-in- law but here everything was going downhill.

Riddhima’s forehead creased and she scrunched her eyebrows in deep thought.

Everybody eagerly waited for her reply. They all had felt ashamed or their thoughts and actions and wanted to make amends and start afresh with her.

“Alright just today, because you haven’t yet recovered from your shock and the nurse said you would like someone for company.”Riddhima says reluctantly but her smile seems genuine

“Huh?! so she’s gonna stay here?! I thought she had some of her self respect to chase?”Ahana taunted.

Unlike usual everyone glared at Ahana to shut up

“Why is she (Ahana) here anyways? Any special reason? Also why is kabir still here?” asked Aryan with a bored look pointing the question specifically to his dear Vansh bhai.

“We all have our reasons Aryan i promised Ahana something and i will have to fulfill it even, if i was wrong to make a deal with her in the first place” He replied with a stern face.

Suddenly his expression turns evil “As for Kabir, i have something nice in store for him, this is what he wanted right? to live as a raisinghania, ill show him..” he smirked.

Kabir shuddered , he knew when Vansh said he would do something he would actually do it no matter what obstacle came.

To be continued…..

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