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The episode starts with Vansh being very near to drink the juice and it was very near to his mouth.
Siya was enjoying very much seeing Vansh very near to death
Siya to herself: I’m really enjoying while seeing you very near to your death Vansh. I can’t miss that amazing moment as I also want to be sure that nothing will disturb my brilliant plan. I will not make anyone be able to fail my plan once again.
While Siya was watching Vansh and waiting for him to drink the juice, Rudra has called Siya.
He was angry on her.
She wasn’t able to not come to him as she was observing how he was very angry.
She has got forced to leave her enjoyment to see what her father wants.
She has came to Rudra.
Then he holds her hand aggressively and he takes her to his room.
She wasn’t understanding the reason of his anger, but she was feeling that he is very upset from her.
They got to Rudra’s room.
After Rudra has closed the room, he was looking at Siya in a very angry way.
Siya: Dad, why you are looking at me in that way?? Why you are that angry on me??
He has gotten the rate poison from his pocket.

Siya has got shocked seeing the rate poison that she was holding it with Rudra.
Siya to herself( being shocked): Oh my God!! How this is possible?! How dad could has that poison?! As this bottle was with me?!
Siya has remembered that due to her happiness she has forgotten the rat poison beside the bar behind her purse.
Siya to herself: Shit shit shit!!! How I could forget the poison beside the bar?! What I will do now?! Oh God!!! I have to do something that could make dad don’t doubt me.
Rudra: I have found that rat poison beside your purse Siya so can you justify that to me? Can you tell me the reason that could make you you have that rat poison with you?! Don’t make me feel that the nonsense that you have said from the previous years is still in your mind as if this got to be true I will not leave you at all and you will face my anger very much.

He was looking at her and waiting for an answer from her.

She comes closer to him.
Siya: Relax dad. Your daughter would never do something like that. Please relax as what could I do with the rat poison?!
Rudra: That what I want to know it from you.
Siya: What I will need from rat poison other than attacking with it the rats. As nowadays, there are so many rats at my room so I have taken that poison from the servants and I was going to put it in my room. This is the whole story nothing more than that. So this doesn’t need all that anger from you on me dad.
Siya has hugged Rudra to make him relax and try to convince him from her words by acting being so innocent!
Rudra: I will try to be convinced from your words Siya, but if it seemed that it isn’t the truth you don’t know how your father could turn to be your biggest enemy.
Siya: I would never give you the chance to be angry from me dad as very soon everything will be under your feet and we will just be happy and enjoying our lives.
Rudra to himself: I’m not being relaxed and comfortable from your words Siya, but I will try to be convinced. I will try to trust your words my daughter. I just hope that you could be innocent as I will can’t accept that you could do any bad thing to our family. I will try my best to trust you Siya, but at the same time I will try to be very alert and careful on you so I could be sure of your innocence.
Siya was feeling comfortable that she got to convince Rudra.
Siya to herself: Thank God that everything got to be perfect and dad didn’t have doubted me. I have now to leave him and go to witness the best enjoyment ever in my life as of course the rat poison has got its effect on Vansh and he is of course now taking his last breathes. So I have to not miss that amazing moment.
Siya has left Rudra.
Then she has went to the hale of the house.
She has found so much noise.
She has found Riddhima crying very much.

Along with that she wasn’t seeing Vansh nearby.
She was finding everyone gathered around a fallen person.
She was smiling very much while seeing all of those stuff.

Siya to herself: I can observe that from those so much noise that Vansh has finally passed away. That so much sadness that is appearing on the faces of everyone could observe that Vansh has died! Regardless that I have missed the most amazing moment ever, but I’m still very happy that my plan got succeeded! I really want to see Vansh’s dead body so I could be very happy seeing him finished.
Siya was in so much happiness and she was trying to hide her happiness to not make anyone doubt her.
She was trying to remove that surroundings around the fallen body so she could see Vansh.
She has found Ishani in front of her while she was crying very much and being very sad and shocked.

Ishani( crying): Siya, do you have seen what has happened?! We have a lost a very special and important person in our family. Siya, I can’t imagine that she will not be no longer with us. She is the backbone of that family and now we have completely lost her so much.
Siya got shocked hearing those words from Ishani.
Siya to herself: She?! What Ishani is saying?! Does Vansh isn’t the one who has died?! How this is possible?!
She got shocked to see Vansh in front of her being with Angre.

He was so shocked, shattered, and angry.
Siya to herself( being shocked): How he could be still alive?! How after what I have done and he is still alive?! How he always got succeeded in escaping from my plans?! How he could escape from death?! How?! So if Vansh is still alive, who is the person that has died? Who is the person that I have killed her?! Who is she?!
She has got shocked when she has seen the fallen body.

That dead body was for dadi.
Dadi was the one who has died by the rat poison that was supposed to be for Vansh.
She was fallen on the ground while Sejal was holding her closely to her arms and she was crying very much.
Siya wasn’t believing that she has killed her own grandmother.
She was being very shocked and a lot of tears start to appear on her face.
Vansh and Riddhima were in a very huge shock and shatter.

Vansh was very angry along with being very heartbroken and shocked.

He wasn’t believing that he has lost his dadi.
He has came near her dead body and he was crying and being very shattered.

Vansh: Dadi, please get up. Please don’t do that prank on me. Please dadi get up. I’m sure that you are just acting and you just want to see how valuable you are to all of us. Please open your eyes. Of course you have known now how much we love you so please get up. Your grandson will never be able to live his life without you. You know how much I love you. Please dadi get up. Please dadi don’t leave me.
He was trying to make her get up, but without any result.
She was completely dead.
Vansh( shouting in a a paining way): Daaaaaaaaaaasaaadii!!!!
Riddhima has ran to Vansh to support him.
She has hugged him very closely to her. She was crying so much in the same way as him.

They both were trying to minimize their sadness and hurt by being in each others arms.

The were crying and being very shattered while hugging each other.

Riddhima(crying): Please Vansh calm down. She is now in a better place. Please try to relax as she is feeling about everything is happening now and she will not be happy and satisfied if she has seen you being that broken. Please calm down I’m with you and I will never leave you.
Vansh was trying to minimize his shatter while hugging Riddhima.
That’s why he was hugging her very very close to him.
Everyone was shocked and shattered from dadi’s death.
Dadi was being loved from everyone in the family so her death wasn’t an easy thing on all of them.
Even Kabir and Chanchel were very shattered.
Kabir was very angry and sad.

He was very sad being sure that dadi has died.

He starts remembering his memories with her while he was teary.

He was looking at dadi and the glass of juice that was fallen beside her.
Kabir to herself: There is something wrong. There is something that it isn’t logical. Dadi was totally fine so how she could die that suddenly?! Her health was very good and she just has got weak when she has drank that juice that Vansh has supposed to drink it.
Flashback shows Vansh was going to drink the juice when he has seen dadi being exhausted from the so much effort that she has done it.
He comes near her and he makes her sit beside him.
Vansh: You will never stop making yourself very tired dadi?! You always care about everyone in the family members, but you don’t care about your own self!! This is not fair dadi! You will not get out from your place and you will take a lot of rest and I will not allow you to make any effort. You will just drink this juice so you could take some power.
Dadi: But Vansh this juice supposed to be for you. How I will drink it?!
Vansh: If the grandmother will drink the juice, the grandson will be very satisfied as if he is the one who has drank the juice. So please don’t waste more time dadi and please drink the juice as I have always listened to your words and I didn’t have done anything against your sayings. You also must do the same even for just a one time. So please listen to my words and drink the juice.
Dadi has listened to Vansh’s words.
So she has taken the juice from Vansh.
Then she starts drinking it.
Dadi: Now you are happy?
Vansh comes near dadi.
Then he has hugged her very closely to him.
Vansh: I will always be happy when you are happy dadi.
Kabir was witnessing that situation while being smiling.

*Flashback ends*
Kabir to himself: I’m sure that this juice was containing on it something and it was for Vansh, but dadi is the one who has taken it instead of Vansh. I’m sure that this stupid Siya is the one behind dadi’s murder. I have to be sure of that.
During the noise and sadness that were spread allover the house, Kabir has taken the rest of the glass of juice.
Then he has made his team take it to the medical lab.
Kabir to himself: When the report of the medical lab will be arrived, I will be sure of my doubts. Then no one will stop me from trapping that evil girl.
Afterwards, Vansh has done the last rituals for dadi.
He was very hurt and shattered.

He was remembering all his memories with dadi.

He was remembering her care, support, and encouragement.
He was remembering the beautiful moments that he has spent it with her and Riddhima during the marriage rituals.

He was crying and being very shattered.
After he has finished the last rituals of dadi and everyone has left, he has fallen on the ground and he kept crying while he was so broken.

Vansh to himself( being shattered and heartbroken): Why dadi? Why you have left me?! What I will do now without you?! You were my supporter and encourager who didn’t has left me alone to not make me feel the absence of my mom. So what I will do after you have left me?! I really need you so much dadi.
At that moment, Riddhima has came near him while she was also crying very much.

Then she has hugged him very tightly without saying a word.

She was just wanting to make him feel that he isn’t alone and she is with him.
At the same time, Ishani was very shattered and she was crying.
Ishani to herself( crying): I have missed you so much dadi. I can’t imagine that you are no longer with us now. I miss you so much.
While Ishani was crying, Kabir has came to her.

He wasn’t wanting to leave her alone.
Kabir: Ishani, please try to calm down. She is now in a very better place so please try to relax for her relaxation and peace.
Ishani wasn’t listening to Kabir’s words, she just has got relaxed when she has seen him in front her.
So she has ran to him and she has immediately thrown herself in his arms.
Ishani( crying very much): Dadi has died Kabir. I still can’t imagine that. How I will live without her?! I’m so broken Kabir. Please don’t leave me. I really need your support.
She was making herself more closer to him while hugging him very tightly.
He also has hugged her very tightly.
He was putting his hand on her head to calm her down.
Kabir: Relax Ishani. I’m with you and I will not leave you. You will get out from that sorrow very soon and I will always be with you and I will support you very much. Just calm down.
Kabir was trying his best to comfort Ishani.
They both were feeling very connected and relaxed while hugging each other.
Afterwards, Riddhima was with hugging him and making him lay on her lap Vansh at their room trying to make him relax and calm him down.

She was saying so much words to him to calm him down with it, but he wasn’t concentrating on it at all.
He was just thinking about dadi and what has happened to her.
Vansh to himself: Dadi was completely fine so how she could die in that surprise way?! She was fine until she has drank the juice that I was going to drink it. Then she starts to be not fine.
Flashback shows dadi starts to cough so much after she has drank the juice.
Vansh was trying to comfort her and make her be fine, but then she has fallen on the ground and she has taken her last breathes.
Then she has died.

*Flashback ends*
Vansh to himself: Dadi’s death is connected to that juice.
Vansh starts to connect everything with each other.
Then he has gotten to understand what has happened.
So he has suddenly gotten out from his place whole he has very angry.

Riddhima has got shocked from his suddenly behaviour.
Riddhima: What has happened Vansh?
Vansh: Dadi didn’t died normally. She has got killed.
Riddhima: What?!
Precap: Rudra has known that dadi has died from a rat poison.
Rudra to himself: Rat poison?! So that means that Siya is the one who has killed mom?!!!!!

The end of the episode. I hope you like it. So here is the twist guys. I know that it is a shocking and sad one, but don’t worry everything will be fine soon. Stay tuned as Siya will be exposed and gotten rid of it very soon. So just wait for the upcoming episodes to know how and when this will happen. Because the twist was unexpected so no one has guessed it right. Don’t worry there is many more twists left so wait for it. Thank you so much guys for making has succeeded in reaching to my target on the previous episode. I hope you all could make me reach to my target on this episode. My target is the same. My target is to reach to 25 comments( excluding my comments). I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode. The upcoming episode will be published depending on all of yours respond. The next episode will be published when you all could make me reach to my target on this episode. I hope that you all could make me succeed in reaching to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode daily. I know that you are very supporters and you all will help me in reaching to my target. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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