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Aditya continues his emotional chat with Imlie and says if he doesn’t pain Malini’s heart, he cannot live in peace. Imlie says he shouldn’t pain Malini’s heart. Adi says he as to if they both need to live peacefully and asks if she wants him to stay with Malini instead of her, if she doesn’t love her. She nods she doesn’t. He says then she wouldn’t have saved him and made their wedding sketch. She says she never wants to give pain to Malini. He says he cannot stay happily with Malini, so let us finish tea and continue the drama.

Nishant opens door hearing door bell and seeing Adi and Imlie asks why they are late. Adi sends Imlie in and asks how does he know they are late. Nishant says bhabhi called and informed that he left 3 hours ago, he asks why is he troubling Malini, lying to her and whole family, and what is going in his life that he doesn’t want to discuss about it even with him. Adi says some things cannot be reversed and same thing happened between him and Pallavi. Nishant says nothing happened between him and Pallavi, he is not talking about his past but Adi’s present and future as god makes jodis and whatever Adi is doing is wrong. Adi says he is supporting a person whom god selected for him and walks away.

Anu fumes on Malini that she is still supporting Adi who is with a maid since 3 hours. Daadi asks her to stop as parents should lessen children’s problems. Malini says Adi is stuck in traffic and she will question him once he reaches home. Anu says even she is waiting for answers from Dev since 20 years and walks away fuming. Malini asks Daadi if she should Anu’s advice. Dadi reminds her about childhood incidents where she used to take her own decisions and says Anu didn’t like Adi from before and was against her marriage, now Malini herself should take her decision like before. Malini says she doesn’t know as Adi is not same like before, he lied to her that he went to Jamshedpur and instead went somewhere else, he didn’t like her going to his office, etc., and she has many questions in her mind and Adi doesn’t want to even speak to her properly. Daadi says she doesn’t know what is going in Adi’s mind, but she feels they should take their relationship ahead and think of expanding family. Malini says she cannot think of a baby in this situation. Daadi says parents forget their differences and concentrate on baby, so even they should.

Prakash takes Mithi to Satyakam. Satyakam asks why did he come here and asks him to go back if he doesn’t have any work from him. Mithi requests to forgive and talk to him. He asks why should he. She asks if he will not listen about Imlie. He, reminiscing Mithi slapping him and warning that Dev is Imlie’s father and only he has right to think about her, says why should he bother about someone else’s daughter and asks her to leave. She continues pleading to forgive him and return home or else she will inform Imlie. He asks her to inform whole truth to Imlie first and asks Prakash to take her away from here and never bring her here again.

Back at Tripathi House, Rupal cries singing Tere Bina Zindagi Se koi Shikwa To nahi…song and plays sitar. Family walks to her. Imlie cries heraring her song while Adi stands in his room. After she finishes song, family claps for her and Nishant says he was missing her songs. Taiji asks Rupal if she is fine. Nidhi says Rupal will cry now. Taiji says she will not let her cry and will prepare her favorite halwa. Tauji says he will bring her toffees. Dhruv and Nishant reminisce their childhood incidents and cheer her up. Once family leaves, Rupal sees Imlie crying and asks what happened. Imlie says she gets emotional hearing her song. Rupal thinks why she cries as if even she is in pain. Imlie thinks their pain is same, they get alone when their husband leaves them, then thinks even Malini must be feeling same and prays god to control her emotion sickness.

Power goes off. Nidhi lights candles and asks Imlie to go and keep one in Adi’s room. Imlie resists, but Nidhi gives her candle and leaves. Imlie thinks she cannot go into Adi’s room alone and asks Sundar to keep candle in Adi’s room. Sundar says she is not his boss to obey her orders and asks to do her job herself. Imlie walks into Adi’s room and seeing Adi holding his head jokes and tries to leave. He holds her hand and asks what if he gets afraid in dark. He asks if she is calling Pagdandiya’s trouble near her. He gets intimate and says he is calling her and makes her sit on bed. She sits shyingly. He asks why did she cry hearing Rupal’s song. She says he is like a sun to her which fills light every morning and sets at night, she lived her whole life with him when she spent 3 days with him in Pagdandiya and doesn’t want to hold him back. He asks if he should drown in ocean. She says sun doesn’t drown and rises again. He holds her hand and says his mother, dadda, and whole village would be proud of her. Malini returns home.

Precap: Malini sees her sindoor box missing. Adi applies sindhoor in Imlie’s hairline. Malini notices it.

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