Kangana Ranaut says that big stars like Akshay Kumar can’t praise her openly due to movie mafia

Kangana Ranaut takes to Twitter to speak her mind and never once mince her words. She’s frank, she’s honest and she’s unapologetic about it. Today Kangana Ranaut tweeted about big stars being scared of the movie mafia.

The actress tweeted saying how she has been getting calls and messages from people from the industry to praise her for her act in the Thalaivi trailer. While this makes her happy, the actress also points out that how stars are not ready to tweet about her act and praise her performance openly as they are scared about the movie mafia. She said, “Bollywood is so hostile that even to praise me can get people in trouble, I have got many secret calls and messages even from big stars like @akshaykumar they praised @Thalaivithefilm trailer to sky but unlike Alia and Deepika films they can’t openly praise it. Movie mafia terror.”

Kangana Akshay

The actress didn’t stop there, she further added about how the film industry has isolated her with their power play and politics, “Wish an industry of art can be objective when it comes to art, and not indulge in power play and politics when it comes to cinema, my political views and spirituality should not make me a target of bullying, harassment and isolation but if they do, then obviously I will win .” Looks like there is no stopping this actress from speaking her mind.

Kangana Akshay

Last month on her birthday, Kangana Ranaut dropped the trailer of Thalaivi where she plays the late Jayalalithaa – an actress turned politician who was known to be an Iron Lady. Hansal Mehta, Ram Gopal Varma and Samantha Akkineni were few celebrities who took to Twitter to praise her performance. The netizens loved the hard-hitting trailer and can’t wait for the movie to release.

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