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Virender comes home with Purvi, kids, Sudha and Priyu. Purvi meets everyone. Prakashi and Anjali do her aarti. Prakashi shows sympathy to Purvi. We were so worried for you. Kids haven’t eaten anything since 2 days. It is good that Virender came at the right time and saved you. Take some rest now. They are going upstairs when Purvi asks Virender if she can sit with Sudha and Priyu for some time. He nods. They must be worried for you. Purvi goes to speak to Sudha and Priyu.

Anjali tells Prakashi she is right. This Molkki is blessed in some way. We had her by her neck yet she escaped this time as well. Prakashi says it is fate. She has luck on her side too but the days will change one day.

Purvi asks Sudha how that lady can disappear suddenly. Sudha says that’s what happened. She disappeared suddenly! I got busy in looking for you as you were kidnapped. Kids request Purvi to come with them. Baba wont give us our gifts without you. Purvi agrees to join them soon. They request Purvi so Priyu and Sudha tell Purvi to go with the kids now. We will discuss that matter later. Purvi goes with the kids.

Virender is pacing in his room. We are meeting after so many days yet this Bawari is making me wait. Kids and Purvi come to the room just then. Kids ask Virender to give them their gifts. Haathi is here as well. Virender gives gifts to Manas and Purvi. Play as much as you want and then break it. Manas asks him why they should break it. Haathi has taught us that we should keep things safely. Juhi agrees. We will only play with it. We wont break it. Virender is surprised. When did you two become so smart? Manas says we were smart since a long time. Virender smiles. They go outside to play with their new toys.

Virender asks Purvi if she is still upset with him. Purvi says how can I be upset with the one who jumped in fire to save me without thinking about his life. You weren’t even afraid of getting shot a while ago. Virender smiles. I feel like feeding you laddoo right now. Purvi asks him if he is referring to the poisonous laddoo. Virender says the guy who can jump in fire and is willing to get shot wont give you poisonous laddoos. There was no poison in them. It was just a test. She asks him how many more tests she must give in this life. Virender folds his hands and bends his head. I have only bent my head in front of God till date. I am bending it in front of you today. Please forgive me for all the mistakes that I have committed. It was unintentional. Even my God knows this and so do you. Purvi says I know. That’s why I always pray that my Mukhiya ji’s head should not bend in front of anyone. She makes him look up. My respect lies in your respect. Virender moves closer and holds her by her shoulders. She thinks of all the past times when they had come closer by chance. Virender hugs Purvi and she hugs him back tightly. She breaks the hug. He looks at her in confusion. She says I will tell bedtime story to the kids. They cannot sleep otherwise. He nods. Virender decides to find out who was responsible for Purvi’s kidnapping. Who is the real culprit? He calls Inspector.

Purvi collides with Anjali in the corridor. Anjali’s phone falls. Can you not see? Purvi apologizes to her. I wasn’t really looking. She bends down to pick the phone when she notices the wounds on Anjali and Jyoti’s feet. How do you two have these marks? Anjali cooks up a story. We slipped on the floor as it was wet. They walk away. This puzzles Purvi.

Inspector tells Virender that the goons aren’t uttering anything. Virender tells him to tell them that their punishment has been announced by the Mukhiya. They will be hanged tomorrow morning. They hurt Mukhiyayin and they even threatened my kid. They will forget their loyalty after hearing about this punishment! They will tell everything when they will see death in front of them. We will find out the truth then. Anjali and Jyoti overhear the convo. Anjali decides to inform Prakashi.

Purvi is with the kids. What do you want for lunch tomorrow? They share how Anjali dint give them food while she was away. She even locked us in a cell. We missed you a lot. Purvi says it’s ok. She asks Manas about the thugs. Did you hit them with your car on their feet? Manas nods. I did as you told and I shooed them out of here. Purvi recalls the marks on Anjali’s and Jyoti’s feet. Purvi tells the kids to sleep now.

Inspector tells the goons they have been ordered to beat them all night. If you survive then you will be hanged tomorrow morning. You made a grave mistake by kidnapping Mukhiyayin! Police starts beating the goons. They agree to tell the truth and take Prakashi’s name. Inspector is stunned. Are you telling the truth? Goons insist that it is true. We don’t want to die. Inspector shares the information with Virender which leaves him shocked.

Lights are flickering in the haveli. Virender storms out of his room and walks inside his mother’s room. Where is Prakashi Pratap Singh? She asks him what he is saying. He says I should have said this a long time ago. I made a mistake by calling you Ma. It was a mistake to consider step-mother my mother. You cannot be a mother when you can try to kill your DIL! It’s an enemy! You are worst than a Dayan! Anjali, Jyoti and Purvi are standing at the door. Virender asks Prakashi if they lacked anything. Why did you take revenge from me like this? Why did you try to kill my wife and destroy my family? Prakashi insists she dint do anything. You are mistaken, son. Virender tells her not to call him son. Your son was Vaibhav and he is no more! Pack your bags and leave the haveli before I lose my mind! Anjali tries to intervene but Virender warns her to be quiet. You can leave too if you are feeling so sympathetic. He tells Prakashi he never imagined that a step-mother can be so dangerous. Leave the haveli right away! I wont let the woman, who tried to kill my wife, stay in this house for another minute! You will be punished in the Panchayat by me tomorrow. He does not let Prakashi say anything. Anjali cries. Prakashi walks out of the room sadly and looks at Virender. Anjali shakes Prakashi out of her reverie. Prakashi looks around in shock and confusion which worries Anjali. What happened? I am afraid. Say something. Prakashi says I am a little scared since the time you told me that Virender wont spare the one who kidnapped Purvi. Virender should never know it was me! He should not know about this his entire life that I kidnapped that Molkki and that I wanted to kill him! I must do something or I will be in trouble. Anjali nods. Do something quickly or we will spend the rest of our lives in jail. Prakashi tells her to keep finger on her mouth. Let me think of something. She calls someone.

Next morning, Prakashi is speaking to Preeti about a puja. Anjali gives her clothes to Preeti to keep her clothes in her room. Anjali and Prakashi leave for temple. Purvi takes the clothes from Preeti. I will keep them in Anjali’s room. Please make tea for Mukhiya ji. Preeti tells her that the kids will be happy now as Purvi is back. Purvi smiles. She heads to Anjali’s room next. Purvi thinks if I am right that Anjali and Jyoti were the thugs then those clothes must be in the room. I must find them. She starts searching the room. She finds the black clothes and the monkey cap in the room. I know about those thugs now! She takes the clothes with her.

Virender asks Purvi if Anjali and Jyoti tried to steal her jewellery from her room in her absence. They also tied Juhi to a chair. Purvi tells him to ask the kids if he wants. Luckily, I was on video call with Manas. He managed to scare them away. She shows him the drone recording. They are Anjali and Jyoti only. Virender says I can only see 2 people wearing 2 clothes but how can I be sure they are Anjali and Jyoti only. Purvi focuses on Anjali’s ring. She wears it. Virender looks closely. Purvi asks him if he trusts her now. It wasn’t any random thugs but Anjali and Jyoti in disguise!

Precap: Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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