Our Limitless Love (A Riansh FF….) The first meet… Ch-3 – Telly Updates

The First meet!

As both of them took out there phones,

Ridhima:- This is not my phone. (Shocked)

Kabir:- But it’s I-phone only, Ridhu

Ridhima:- I know bhai, but I have white cover and this is black cover and my wallpaper is also not the same.

(On the other side)

Ishani:- Bhai, u changed ur phone

Vansh:-I haven’t Ishani, (taking phone from her to show her but realises she is correct)

Vansh:-Shit! This is not my phone. My phone has black cover….

(Then something struck their minds)

Ridhima:-oh! I think my phone has been changed with that boy’s phone

On other side

Vansh:-I think my phone has been by that girl’s phone.

Ridhima quickly hurried to lost&found counter and made an announcement that

Dear gentleman,

My phone has been exchanged with a boy &I have his phone. Please come to the Lost&Found counter and exchange our phones. Thank you

Vansh:-ok then, u all go to car, I will be back.

Saying so he left for the the counter and saw a girl standing with his phone

Vansh:-Excuse me! Is it you who made the announcement

Ridhima:- yes, excuse me!

Vansh:- yes,

Ridhima:- I think we collided at the entrance gate.

Vansh:- ya! Hi, it’s VRS, I mean Vansh Raisinghania (she was happy to hear his name)

Ridhima:-Hi, I am Ridhima Singhania

Vansh:-oh! We have little similarity in our names. (Smirks)

Ridhima:-Mr.Raisinghania please exchange our phones.

Vansh:- Interesting very interesting .I told you something related to our names, that is similar and you’re just here for your phone. (Glares)

Ridhima:-ohh!, yeah, sorry.

Vansh:-It’s ok, ridhima!

Ridhima:-It’s Ms. Ridhima! (Smiles)

Vansh:-ok (smiles)

Ridhima:- If I am not wrong then you are the famous business tycoon ,right?

Vansh:- yes, you guessed it right ! What is your profession?

Ridhima:-I am a doctor.


Ridhima:- cardiologist and little about bones (smiles)

Vansh:- Great !

Ridhima:- By the way, what brings you here? Going abroad for meetings?

Vansh-: no ,I came to pick up my sisters.

Ridhima:- Ooh… Ok!

Vansh:-If you don’t mind, Can you come to my home?


Vansh:-My Dadi is a heart patient . And she is not comfortable to be treated by unknown doctors maybe ,she will be comfortable with you if you don’t mind to come.

Ridhima:- Ok, but I came to pick my friend and they would be waiting for me in parking area….. If u don’t mind can I come tomorrow?

Vansh:- Ok, sure!

Ridhima:-But you can exchange numbers for any informations ,If you want (smiles)


So that’s all for today guys… Hope you liked it! 😇

And what do you think… Why ridhima smiled hearing Vansh’s full name?

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