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RadhaKrishn 8th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tulsi informs Madhavi/Radha that she wants to marry Shanckhurn again and called her to help her in wedding arrangements. Radha stands shocked and sad. Tulsi says Madhavi will shower flowers on them during marriage and it will be so thrilling. Shanckhurn continues attacking Ganpret and challenges Mahadev to stop hiding and fight with him. Ganpret plead devi Gauri to wake up Mahadev from meditation or else Shanckhurn will destroy whole Kailash. Radha takes Balram/Manjari to Tulsi and introduces him as her friend. Tulsi asks to take even her help in wedding and asks where is Shanckhurn. Radha says she saw him in his room. Tulsi says let us go to his room and bring him for wedding. They all 3 search Shanckhurn/Krishna and don’t find him. Radha thinks if Krishna went away from there as knows she cannot seeing him marrying Tulsi.

Shanckhurn continues challenging Mahadev to stop hiding and fight with him. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev to wake up or else she will protect Kailash. Mahadev continues meditating. Devi Gauri takes her Kali avatar and challenges Shankchurn. Shanckhurn laughs that Mahadev hid and send a woman to fight. Kali warns him that he is powerful because of his woman’s power and his wife’s immense love for him. Shanckhurn continues insulting Kali. Kali angrily runs towards him to attack him when Krishna enters and pleads her to stop and let him handle this issue. Shanckhurn laughs that even Krishna came and he will kill them both. Kali fumes more. Krishna says its even Mahadev’s wish to let him handle this issue and requests her to return to Mahadev. Kali reminisces Mahadev telling same and disappears from there.

Krishna reminisces Sridhama pleading him to punish him for his sin and he telling him that he will be born in different avatar like him and Radha. He requests Shanckhurn that he is lucky that he has a loving wife and his powers are because of her, he gained whatever he has today because of his wife’s love for him, so he shouldn’t ruin everything. Shanckhurn laughs that Krishna is also afraid and is trying to escape fight. Krishna continues his long explanation, but Shanckhurn gets adamant.

Krishna leaves from there and reaching Mahadev asks him to open his eyes. Mahadev opens eyes and asks what is his order now. Krishna as decided earlier to fight with Shanckhurn. Devi Gauri asks if he doesn’t want to fight with Shanckhurn. Krishna sys it was already decided that Mahadev will fight with Shanckhurn and his duty was to inform Mahadev when should he as only Mahadev can defeat Shanckhurn in the whole universe. Devi Gauri asks why is he increasing Shankchurn’s powers by increasing Tulsi’s love for him. He says it will vanish soon and asks Mahadev to keep Shanckhurn busy in war till he says. Mahadev agrees and fights with Shanckhurn.

Precap: Tulsi asks Krishna who is he if Shanckhurn is on the other side. Krishna reveals his identity. Tulsi curses Krishna that he will turn into stone forever.

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