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Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pundalik opens the door & leaves while his father feels it was Pundalik hence he shouts calling him.
Shri Krishna tells Rukmimi that hunger doesn’t go to thirst the same way God’s help is if his devotee needs it he should be ready for that.
Pundalik’s father tells his wife that I felt it was Pundalik but she tells him I am his mother then how can I won’t feel the same like you. Pundalik’s nephew thinks how should I tell them the truth that it was Pundalik himself.
Pushpadant asks Ganeshji that why he is becoming so ruthless towards his parents while Ganeshji tells him that he was entering deep into wrong path.
Pundalik reaches Chandrakala’s place while her mother informs her that see your lover has come & Pundalik gives jewellery to Chandrakala’s mother but she tells him that to put on her yourself.
Chandrakala dances for Pundalik while he puts the Garland Jewellery on her but also reminds about his father who had given him as a gift.
Pundalik’s father is appreciating his brother’s son for taking care of them while he too says that it’s my duty.
Pundalik is enjoying dance of Chandrakala while Chandrakala’s mother thinks that this person should not be slipped from hands who is a rich person.
Pundalik’s father is resting in pain while the light near Prabhu’s idol is about to blow off & Pundalik’s mother is praying to Prabhu for not to get the light blow off getting scared of her Swami. The light blows off till she reaches to hold with her hands but Pundalik’s father tells her to not to get scared because light blows off at times to bring fresh light in our lives.
Pundalik’s father is performing Pooja of Shri Krishna Gopala while his mother is preparing delicious food for Bhog.
Chandrakala’s mother Ketaki calls her daughter telling her to leave him now for bringing more wealth but she tells her that if its my wish then only he’ll leave. Ketaki sends food to Pundalik while he steers food but Chandrakala thinks he is steering the maid hence she tells her to leave.
Pundalik’s father says that when Gopala’s wish will be then only Pundalik will return while Pundalik is enjoying eating food with hands of Chandrakala but his mother is waiting thinking as Pundalik returns I’ll feed him with my hands but his nephew is feeling depressed about all this watching.
Pundalik’s nephew goes inside Pundalik’s room & takes out the cloth from Shri Krishna’s idol turning it again keeping properly & also cleans it & puts fresh flowers telling Prabhu that from today I’ll take care of you but Prays that to bring your devotee on right path.
Pundalik is enjoying dance & eating food at Chandrakala’s place while his parents & nephew are praying Prabhu to help realize Pundalik about his mistake & return to his actual world.
Chandrakala is bringing Liquor for him but he sees his Prabhu’s image in peacock piece held by Chandrakala’s bottle in plate. Chandrakala gives the bottle to him but he holds peacock piece in wake of bottle & thinks of leaving but she stops attracting him while the peacock piece falls from his hands which flies & gets hanged at a window & Shri Krishna is watching all this.
Ganeshji is explaining Pushpadant that devotee is never ignored by his Prabhu & tends to help him come out of wrong path but still he goes wrong way then there is certain limit for God also while Punshpadant also accepts his mistake of doing wrong against his Prabhu Mahadev.
Pundalik’s nephew is expressing Pundalik’s parents to not to wait for him who does not care for you & also tells them the truth that he had come here last night but went without meeting you who has chosen the wrong path while Pundalik’s father feels very depressed hearing all this.

Precap: Pundalik sees peacock piece having his Prabhu’s image which is moving away from him hence he too moves behind thinking his Prabhu is going away from him it seems & he leaves from Chandrakala’s place. Pundalik hugs his father apologizing of his mistake while he too forgives him. Rukmini asks Shri Krishna that why are you so confused when he has accepted his mistake but he tells her that it’s not so easy for a person to come out of this attraction. Pundalik while eating food thinks is Chandrakala waiting for him?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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