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The reason behind Vansh’s imprisonment won’t be known to Bhavya…as on Wattpad I had asked this question; that whether they want that Bhavya should know the reason or not?!

And some of them didn’t want that she should know as she’s too small to handle another shocking revelation so, based on that only here’s the second last chapter of this story! (This story was written almost 3 months back) 

The replies of last chapter ~


So, coming to the chapter;

Author’s POV

Bhavya (giggling): Okay soo…now its planned that we’ll be going to Siberia for our next vacation!!

Person: Whhhhhaaaaaaatttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!! (Any guesses who said it?)

All three of them were startled and in no time, they looked towards the washroom door. They were a bit scared, whether he had heard everything or not….and to assure that Vansh tried to calm himself down and then spoke up..

Vansh (tried his best to be in a normal tone): When did you come Daksh??

Daksh: I came right now, Hmm Hmm (nodding) Enjoy…enjoy, alone…alone!! Planning…and that tooo in the washroom (full on full sarcasm).

Riddhima (perplexed)What you mean?? Stop beating around the bush…..

Daksh (calmly): This is the first time you all the doing a planning that too, without including me and you know I always look forward to be the part of this discussion, especially this one….stilll (seeing all the perplexed faces in front of them)

Huh…(angrily) You made the trip to Siberia without even informing me!! Well leave it, you all enjoy your trip or whatever…

Riddhima: Daksh li…

Daksh (least interested): Mom….no need to clarify, I just came to say that I’m going!

Riddhima (confused+shocked): Going?? Where?

Daksh: I’m going to stay with Dadi….for almost.. (Left the sentence incomplete)

Vansh: For almost!?

Daksh (excitedly): For almost 2 weeks…Yayy!! Ta-ta Mom..Dad, see ya after 2 weeks! (Saying this he was about to leave)

Riddhima: Wait! (Daksh turned) What about your suitcase? Did you pack it?

Daksh: Yes…I did, I mean Dadi helped me, after that only I just came to inform you all! And BTW goodbye, see ya soon. Also, sorry but not sorry to disturb your special meeting that to in the washroom. (saying so he ran outside, because he knew if he’ll stay a second more, thousands of questions and scolding would be poured over him)

Finally, the 3 of them stepped out of the washroom to bid goodbye to Dadi and Daksh.


Almost a week passed….The Raisinghnia’s life was coming back to track.

RiAnsh started spending more of their time with Bhavya…and tried they best to bring her back to her normal self…

Whereas, Bhavya  who knew that Vansh went to prison…took it in a positive way and taking the advantage of it…she started clarifying her doubts if she had any. She used to ask questions from him but not directly, indirectly just to improve her knowledge. Like; “Papa…if someone has been sent to prison what work is he assigned over there” or “On what basis is the accuse given the sentence to death?”

Vansh would give the answers to all her questions calmly but sometimes he would loose his cool too…when Bhavya used to irritate as well as tease him regarding this topic!!

After 2 days

It’s said no!…that how much you try to forget the thing….situation becomes like that, that all the memories come back…And the same happened with Bhavya….

Vansh (angry): How dare you try to speak a lie Bhavya?? You knew I hate liers..

Bhavya who was terrified seeing her father so angry couldn’t form a proper sentence: Pa…pa…..little…mis…mistake….I am….s..

Vansh (cutting her): Don’t you dare to utter that word…do you even know the meaning of it? (Super angry)

Bhavya (poor girl)I’m really sorry very sorry!!!

Vansh (lost his cool): Chaatak (a tight slap on her back)

Riddhima who was standing at a corner, but after seeing this, she thought that now it was time for her to intervene.

Riddhima (trying to calm him): Vansh calm down….calm down, she just lied for a small thing only…it’s not a big issue!

Vansh (pissed): Not a big issue, seriously are calling it a small mistake, she spoke a “LIE”… she spoke it for a small reason, what happens or what will you do when she’ll speak a lie in future that too for something big?? Just answer me damn it!?

Riddhima didn’t utter a word whereas, Bhavya was shivering seeing her father so angry…

Getting no reply from her side….Vansh gestured her shut her mouth from next time and walked towards his study-room.

{Well I don’t think that Vansh did something wrong with Bhavya because it was needed to teach her a lesson. As it’s also said, ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child.’, if Vansh won’t have done anything with Bhavya, then she would have taken the issue lightly and would continue doing the same things over and over again. So it was necessary for Vansh to make her understand it.}

Bhavya ran to her study-room, she was super angry and wasn’t in her senses…she wanted to question her father that for such a small thing he had given her a slap. But she didn’t try to do it because she knew that if she did, she would fall into a grave problem .

She wanted to someone on whom she can remove all her frustration and anger…and this time Daksh wasn’t there too!

So she took her diary out and started writing everything that she wanted to say be it good or bad.

In-short whatever she had written.

First-5 pages of her diary.

How can he do it? I spoke a lie for just a small thing whereas, he spoke a lie that too for such a big thing…He lied that he had been to Siberia, he hid the truth that he had been in the prison! Was my lie big in compared to his??

He had been to prison because he killed someone…he’s a murder, a killer! What will happen if he kills us too? Today he gave a slap, what if kills me tomorrow?? What will happen?

My father is a killer…a murder. I don’t want to stay with him.

This was a normal thing…because when you are not in your senses or whatever you have had in your heart for a long time, you always need a friend with whom you can share it and no doubt books are our best friends. Whatever you wish to you can share with it and it’ll always keep it as a secret 🤫….until and unless someone dares to touch it! She was feeling a bit better after she wrote everything.

Next 2 pages of her diary.

My father is the best no wonder whatever happens he’ll always be there for me to support me, help me, love me because I’m his favourite one!! Right diary 😉

I guess I did a wrong thing by telling a lie and now it’s my duty to apologise him as I feel that I shouldn’t have spoken it at the first place itself.


After penning down her feelings, Bhavya had a great relief and a smile on her face….She closed her diary and just then her gaze fell over the diary cover….

She remembered that she has written at least 5 pages filled with negative thoughts and now it’s time to remove those pages from her positive diary.

So she tore all those pages and took those pages in her hand….closed her diary and took the matchstick from the temple. (I hope you all might have understood what she’s going to do.)

She peeped out of the door just to see in case, there were any bodyguards standing, because if they found her burning the pages they would definitely tell it to their boss. But to her back luck they were there and that too active and attentive not sleeping or talking with each other.

Bhavya: Bad luck!! Now what to do…what?? Idea!!

She swiftly went to the study-room’s washroom and firstly tore all the pages to the tiniest size she could and then flushed them!! She was showing all her 28 teeth while doing it.

Bhavya: One mission accomplished. Now its time for the second one.

Bhavya went to Vansh’s study-room and saw him closing his eyes as if he’s tired with all the things that have happened today.

{Non should ever believe that whatever our parents do bad with us they enjoy doing it….they feel worse than the child for what they did….they get disturbed, but it was necessary for them to do that too, they knew.}

Bhavya tip toed towards him and patted on his shoulder, he instantly opened his eyes.

Bhavya (in tears): I’m sorry….very sorry I won’t do it again.

Vansh: Do you know the meaning of sorry?? If you knew then you won’t have done it. You won’t have repeated the same mistake again and again.

Bhavya: Papa, I promise it’s a pakka valla promise..I won’t repeat it, please…I’m sorry!

Vansh: Okay…last chance.

Saying so Bhavya gave him a bone crushing hug and started crying..

Vansh: Okay….Okay, calm down no more crying. My Crybaby.

Bhavya: Papaaa (chuckled) What about a ludo match? (with a smirk)

Vansh: Okay..done, but I’m telling you your record will be broken today that too by me.

Bhavya: That toh we’ll get to know.

Both father-daughter duo started playing ludo. Just then Riddhima made an entry.

Riddhima: Am I seeing the right thing? How did this happen??

All their attention went to what Riddhima said.

Vansh: What are you talking about Sweetheart?

Riddhima: Seriously Vansh…an hour ago you both were fighting like bulls and now both are playing! Soo unpredictable. (making a face)

Vansh and Bhavya (in unison): Because we are UNIQUE. (Hugged each other)

Riddhima (a pout): Alone…alone…a huggie huh!

Vansh (chuckled): You are welcomed!

Riddhima jumped like a kid and hugged the duo.

All three we soo much into the hug that they couldn’t hear the door bell ringing.

First ring…They didn’t buzz. Second ring….Didn’t buzz again. Third ring…..Still didn’t!!

Finally the person on the other side of the door….being impatient starting banging at the door.

Person: Open the door… the door. Is everyone deaf here?? OPEN THE DOOOOORRRR!!

Listening the person’s bangs and shouts, the trio broke the hug…and all three went to see whose this person….


That’s it!!

Any guesses who that impatient person is?? 🤨

If there are any suggestions or improvement needed, please do suggest.

Peace out!! 💕

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