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                                                                                                                         Chapter VIII


Two giggling women enter the doors of VR mansion with their hands filled with shopping bags.

They are greeted by Chachi “Ohh siya , riddhima how was you little trip to the mall? what did you buy?! please tell me you both got something for me?” her eyes glinted with excitement.

“yes yes chachi we got you this ruby necklace” Siya tells her chuckling at her aunts antics.

"Haye! its soo pretty, thank you so much" Chachi snatches the box and runs upstairs to her room

“Haye! its soo pretty, thank you so much” Chachi snatches the box and runs upstairs to her room.

“So what did you both do?”Ishani asks, she is trying her hardest to be nice  to Riddhima, she genuinely felt guilty for her horrible behaviour.

“First we went to the spa and got our hair,nails and facials done, then we went to have lunch,then for a movie and last we did so much shopping” Siya started speaking excitedly “it was so much fun!”

Riddhima chortles and Ishani smiles seeing Siya  happy after so long.

“Riddhima beta how was your day? and siya i hope you didn’t exert yourself to much” Dadi asks worriedly.

“It was great Dadi, i had a lot of fun” Riddhima replies with a pleasant smile “and i took care of siya properly” she chuckles

Just then Vansh enters the room and looks at Riddhima with a pained look.

Suddenly there is awkward silence and it feels like someone sucked all the air out of the room.

” I’ll be off Dadi, uh-  i have some work ” Riddhima murmurs and rushes hurriedly towards her room , she was angry with Vansh, very very angry and what more irritated her, was- when he tried to make everything look like it was her fault , that she didn’t forgive him.

” Its okay Vansh, give her sometime” Dadi sighed looking at Vansh who looked very doleful indeed.

” Its fine Dadi, even i have some work” he too avoids her words and goes.

Next morning

“Riddhima Bhabi, we are sorry for our torturous behavior towards you, we all were blinded by the fact that you were doing all this for your personal gain” Aryan and Ishani tell Riddhima.

” Its okay i forgive you” Riddhima says nonchalantly.

“Really?! Wait does that mean you will stay here?” asks Siya gleefully.

Vansh’s eyes light up like a small child’s on christmas morning

“No way Siya! i told you this before also i am not staying here. See i forgive you all but, i don’t forget, i have forgiven you all so i don’t go back and think about all the horrendous thing you have done.i’ll just be able to move on happily.” she said indirectly directing her remark towards Vansh.

” Riddhima beta where are you going to stay? once you leave this place where will you go? back to that hostel?” asks dadi with concern.

Ahana scoffs 

Everyone turns towards her with a questioning look.

“Nothing” she murmers ‘i never thought this day would come’ she thinks feeling sorry for herself.

“No Dadi actually i have a bungalow in Alibag its near the beach” Riddhima says excitedly “I love that place ill go there.”

“what- how- but you were an orphan right? that to a middle class one? where did you get so much money from?” Chachi asks suspiciously

"what- how- but you were an orphan right? that to a middle class one? where did you get so much money from?" Chachi asks suspiciously

Riddhima rolls her eyes and says “Don’t worry there is still a lot this family needs to know about me…” “and im willing to share”

“How about you all join me for dinner, day after? at my place?” she asks.

Everyone is very interested in knowing what she has to reveal  and they can’t wait to see her sea shore bungalow.

“Please wear evening dresses and formals, all of you, do come ” she says with a mysterious glint in her eyes

Vansh is surprised for a moment but he is happy to go.

“Even you, Kabir and Ahana ,both of you are welcome, in fact… you need to come and i will not take no as an answer” she says firmly with a fake smile.

“I’ll send the address via text to Siya” Riddhima says.

Vansh is surprised with her words and her expression” Why is she so eager to call them?! something is definitely up but for the first time i can’t put my finger through it” he thinks dejectedly.

To be continued….

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