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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 9th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pallavi says this isn’t my receipt…

Doctor says to Pallavi that ahe had unexpected pregnancy so they uad tomdo abortion…

Raghav gives doctor money and says thanks for helping me, Pallavi sees him and says he asked doctor to lie..

Vijay says to Pallavi she won’t see Raghav and thats his Raghav…

Sometime back..

Sulochana says Vijay dada Pallavi hasn’t called back, its half and hour now, she is not at shop too, always leaves for shop but never there, Pallavi walks in and says sorry I couldn’t pick call and battery is dead and why are you all starring at me, Sulochana says Pallavi you should get oscar, after aborting Raghav’s child you are asking whats wrong, Pallavi says what nonsense are you talking, Sulochana hands her abortion receipt and says this isn’t nonsense, Pallavi looks at everyone and then receipt and says this doesn’t have my name too how can you blame me, Sulochana says if Sharda can blame my daughter just because she talks to boys, I have lot of proof against you, I agree Amruta has male friends but she doesn’t act like you, Sharda says you are taking it wrong Sulochana, Sulochana says you have blamed my daughter today, Amruta swear on me is this yours, Amruta says I swear on you this isnt mine, Sulochana asks Mansi, Mansi says I don’t need such things ti prove I am innocent, Sulochana says swear on me or you see my dead face, Mansi swears it’s not her, Sulochana says 2 girls have proved its not theirs now only Pallavi is left, look at the date this is the same date you went hospital, Pallavi says yes I went hospital for stomach infection, Sulochana says you had abortion, Vijay says stop pulling this topic we all know Pallavi wasn’t ready to go hospital, we forced her, Sulochana tries to back answer, Pallavi says I can prove this receipt isnt mine, and goes swear on Sharda. Sharda says Sulochana even my daughter has proved, Sulochana says I wont leave this topic here, I am a mother too, Milind says enough Sulochana, we will call hospital, Sulochana says we will go hospital.

Raghav with Farhad, discussing about hiring a designer they see people gathered on road and see a old woman being dashed by car and people making video, Raghav quickly takes woman to hospital.

Deshmukh’s reach hospital, Pallavi asks for Dr.Kanika, Receptionist says she is OT will inform once back, Sulochana says we will wait, Sharda says Pallavi we trust you and here because of Sulochana, Pallavi says I know Aai.

Raghav asks Farhad to find woman’s family and he will take care of all the expenses, Farhad finds info and calls family.
Pallavi is told Dr. Kanika is available. Kanika asks what is wrong and why is she here with whole family, Kanika gets a call that she is needed for accident patient urgently, Pallavi says you go we will wait, Kanika says its fine Pallavi abortion does bring complications you wait, Pallavi says you are, Kanika says I know you weren’t accepting this baby so we went for abortion, Pallavi says you are wrong you have misunderstood I am Pallavi Deshmukh, Sulochana says is this receipt hers, Kanika says yes she aborted, Pallavi says you are misunderstanding something I didn’t, Kanika says I have patients waiting I need to go, all leave.

Pallavi follows Vijay says there is confusion, Vijay says we will talk home and sees Raghav, Sulochana says look son in law is here too, Raghav sees Deshmukh family, and says this family god keep them away from me or I will kill her father, Farhad says relax I will talk and asks all good, you need any help, Vijay slaps him says ask your Raghav to stay away from me and my family, Raghav holds Vijay’s collar and says how dare you keep your anger in your house, Pallavi pushes Raghav away and says be in your limits, Raghav says first my house then hospital, Sulochana says wow thisnis interesting, Raghav says shut up stop your nonsense and you old man dare you mess with me or esle your family will bare consequences.

Siddesh asks Pallavi what is it, Pallavi says why did doctor lie, Pallavi sees Raghav enter Kanika’s cabin and and follows, Pallavi sees Raghav giving her money and saying Thank you, Pallavi thinks Raghav paid doctor to lie and walks in and says congratulations you have fallen to new low, I would lose as favour for you, I thought you care about people reputation, but since I denied to leave shop you did this to me, you involved my family in this, I wont give up now do what you want and Dr.Kanika your license should be cancelled.
Farhad walks in and asks whay was she talking, Raghav asks doctor, Kanika says I dont know, Raghav says take care of accident case and leaves.

Vijay says to Pallavi no one will believe you and Sulochana will take full advantage of this, I know Dr. was lying, people will point at you and just because of you whole family will have to bare consequences from today you will do what I say, stay away from Raghav itsy order, Pallavi thinks Raghav I wont leave you.

Pre cap: Kanika on call says I risked my license because you had old favours counting.
Pallavi says how dare you attack this way, Raghav says enough go tell your family I won’t touch you even if you are last girl on this planet.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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