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Kumkum Bhagya 22nd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pragya thinking of Abhi looking at his fuggi doll. Song plays Naina….Pragya says I miss my rockstar so much…She lies down on the floor and cries. Abhi also thinks of her while he is in the lock up. Next morning, Pragya comes to meet him. He is sleeping. Pragya wakes him up. He wakes up and smiles. Pragya says this is not your dream, I came in reality. Abhi says really. She says she has brought breakfast and coffee for him. Abhi says how you do this, amazing. Pragya says nobody is happy without him, she made everyone have breakfast and then brought food for him. She feeds him food. Abhi says he wanted to see her first in the morning and saw her only. Pragya says all your wishes will be fulfilled, I am going to meet lawyer and then we will prepare for a good defense. He asks if she will make him wake up lovingly. She says not like this, if you don’t wake up then I will dip your finger in coffee. Abhi says he can’t stay here without her and asks her to free him out soon. Pragya says she will go and have a meeting with the lawyer. Abhi says I miss you. Pragya says I miss you too. She comes to the Lawyer’s house and asks Servant about the lawyer. Lawyer comes there and asks Servant to bring the file. Pragya tells that she came for her husband’s case. Lawyer says he got her file only, and got info about them. He asks her to brief him.

Tanu comes to the Media and applies make up to make dark circles and to make her face dull. The guy says she is looking bad. Tanu says she is going to make someone bad. She goes to the reporters who thank her for giving exclusive interview. The reporter tells that a special guest is here to talk about the woman empowerment. Everyone watches the interview live. Ranbir and Pallavi looks on. The reporter says you have earned name and fame in your field and asks how is she feeling after whatever happened with her. Tanu says she don’t want this to happen with her enemy and will never forgive Abhishek Mehra, she felt as if her soul…She tells reporter if he saw how Pragya got violent and called her liar. She tells that she couldn’t sleep and got dark circles. She tells that not even Abhishek Mehra, but his entire family is troubling her. She tells that Aaliya is pressurizing her to take back the case. She tells that they are asking her why did she filed the complaint. Reporter asks her not to get scared and asks did you mean that Aaliya and Pragya are troubling you? Tanu says I mean all the family and tells that Prachi threatened her that if I don’t take back the case then her mother will not leave her. Ranbir says she is lying, Prachi can’t do this. Tanu says Pragya made her other daughter Rhea against me too. She tells that she will fight so that nothing like this happen with any girl and wants to change the society mindset so that no such Mehras can ruin any girl’s life. Ranbir tells Pallavi that Rhea can threaten her, but Prachi must have requested her. Pallavi asks him to relax. Ranbir tells that he will catch her lies and will become criminal from victim. The interview ends. The lady reporter tells Tanu that she shouldn’t have taken Abhi’s daughter names. Tanu asks her to cash in her interview and wipes her dark circles. The reporter asks if it went as you cried. Tanu asks her to mind her words and asks her to follow her story. She tells that you shall not do any mistake else I will not give any exclusive interview. She asks her to see the business and says interview must be viral by now.

The lawyer tells that his wife knows about Abhishek mehra and the case. He tells that he didn’t know that she is Abhi’s wife, but the reporter made him monster from rockstar. Tanu looks at the news and thinks well done Tanu. Ranbir comes there and thinks people will hate her when they come to know that she is playing victim card, and he will be near her until he expose her.

Aaliya comes to meet Abhi and blames herself for bringing Tanu home. Abhi asks her to stop blaming herself. Aaliya asks why you are such Bhai? Abhi says Pragya made him forgiving people and asks her not to think that he is here due to Pragya. Aaliya says she met Tanu and she said that if you hadn’t brought Pragya home then this thing wouldn’t happen. Abhi says I don’t live for Tanu, I live for Pragya and asks her if she has done wrong with Pragya, though the latter didn’t tell me anything. Aaliya recalls throwing her out. Abhi asks did you ask her to go and asks why is she not telling him anything. Rhea comes there. Abhi asks why did you come here, this place is not for you. Rhea says you will soon be out and Mom said that you will be freed soon, we all are together to help her. Aaliya tells Pragya that they are together and tells that she will not do the mistake again and will support Pragya. Abhi looks on.

The Lawyer’s assistant shows him Tanu’s interview. The lawyer watches it and tells Pragya. Pragya says Tanu is lying. Lawyer says sorry, I am busy and tells that Judge will give the verdict in the first hearing only. Pragya says atleast you can try and shall read the details, says she is ready to give his fees. The lawyer says if I lose, then my firm name will be ruined. I will not get any big case. He says Tanu is a victim and the case will be in her favor. Pragya says Tanu is not victim, but my husband and me are victims. She says it is good that you refused at first and says I don’t know why you called yourself as lawyer. The lawyer asks her not to shout. Pragya says I can’t make myself fall, atleast I can raise my voice.

Precap: Pragya thanks the lawyer. The lawyer tells that he is fighting case against Abhi. Pragya meets Tanu. Tanu tells that she will ruin her in court.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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