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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

This episode starts with Maharaj wanting to take the matter to Punchayet by letting the people of lower community have a lawyer. Seth ji said that Bhima will lead their case as always. Maharaj of was the view this time Gopal will replace Bhima. Bala made a mistake by stealing the Murti, this theft will come heavy on Bhima. Maharaj sent them to ask the lower cast to select a lawyer for them, Gopal will handle the rest. He wanted Seth ji and his fellows to emphasis the fact that the lower cast doesn’t want them to build a temple, doing so they will gain sympathy from their people, resultant, the funding will increase giving them a chance to construct a more ravishing and beautiful temple.

Gopal said that making Bala a friend was a small task, the bigger goal is yet to be achieved. Bala came in Gopal’s house with some milk and rice. Bala wanted to celebrate their friendship by making kheer. Gopal questioned him for spending money. Bala snubbed saying that money comes and goes but they must celebrate their friendship. Bala stated making Kheer. The guardian was worried to eat the kheer made by a lower cast. Gopal tried to stop Bala, in doing so they spill the milk on the floor. Gopal apologized, Bala went to get some more milk.

The villagers were calling Gopal to inform him about the Punchayet regarding Bala stealing Maharaj’s Murti. Seth ji informed them to bring a lawyer who will present their case in order to avoid further bouts. Pandit warned Bala for his thievery. They left. Gopal told Bala not to worry, he will support him.

Bhima told Bala that stealing the Murti won’t stop its construction, his thievery was wrong. Bala refused his lecture. Gopal supported Bala that his intentions were right. Ramji said that though Bala’s intentions are always right, but he makes a mess out of everything. Bala taunted Bhima, that Bala is being criticized because what he did was not what Bhima supported. Meera scold Bala.
Gopal asked them to select their leader. The villager agreed for Bhima, as he has been their presenter. Bala remembered that Bhima will utter the truth and hand him to police like before.

Gopal asked the villagers to make Bhima understand that Bala’s intention were good and that he must support him in the punchayet as brother and a member of this community. The villagers agreed with Gopal that Bhima should support Bala. He must put the case forward in such a way that they are not called culprits. Bhima refused to lie but promised to save Bala and everyone else. Bala vehemently denied his promise. The villagers asked Ramji to be their lawyer. The Guardian was in doubt of Ramji’s intention since Ramji and Bhima’s opinions are similar. Bala though of Gopal and how he has saved and supported him, Bala told everyone to have Gopal as his lawyer. Anand questioned Bala. Gopal said that he is not as cunning and intelligent as Bhima and Ramji. Bala praised Gopal for having maturity and understanding of what to say unlike Bhima who only fulfils his wishes. Bala believed in Gopal. Gopal said that he is inexperienced to convey any dialogues. The villagers argued between whom to choose Bhima, or Gopal.

Gopal told everyone that he has called his elder brother Vishvas Rao to fight their case, he has been Gopal’s mentor. Vishvas came in, Gopal praised him for his dialogue capabilities and experience in conveying arguments . Vishvas promised to save Bala. The villager didn’t accept, they were in doubt to send someone in the punchayet they are not familiar with. Bala believed Gopal, agreeing to have Vishvas as his lawyer telling everyone that he has more faith in Gopal than his younger brother Bhima. Bhima was disappointed and left.

Rmaji said that as Bhima left his place to present the case the choice is open to select whomever they want. Bala said that as Bhima has left his position Vishvas will lead his case in punchayet.

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