Anuama FF – Who is Nandhini Iyer ?? Ep: 27 – Telly Updates

That girl accuses Samar for not walking straight.

Samar:Sorry I can’t see anything,I have colour inside my eyes.I want to know where the tap is?

That girl: This is the cheap and regular trick played by men.They purposely do everything and tell that it was an accident.

Samar: Helo!!Stay within your limits you idiot.

That girl: Oiii.I am not your wife or girl friend to call me whatever you want.

Samar:You are the who started the fight and not me.

That girl: You are the one who bumped into me and now you are shouting at me?

Samar:Let me wash my eyes its burning.Please can you tell me where the tap is?

That girl:It’s over there!

Samar: Thanks!

Samar washes his eyes and goes to Pakhi.That girl goes behind him.

Samar:Why are you following me?

That girl: Where are you walking off to?You bumped into me and now you are going off like that? I want the compensation!

Samar: What compensation?

That girl:For hitting me and going!

Samar:I already told you that it was just an accident.

That girl:I want my money now!You broke 2 of my bangle set!

Samar:Should I pay 2 crores for that(mocking at her).

That girl:Was it so funny?

Samar:Arey Pagal.. get lost..

That girl:My name is not Paagal.My name is Nandhini. Nandhini Iyer.

Samar:Such a nice name for a looser like you?

Nandhini: Oii !Shut up!

He pays no heed and walks off.

When she again follows him she sees his family and get shocked!




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