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Becoming Mrs VRS journey- Part 3 (Last)

Hi guys, I’m so happy as you guys supported me a lot and I received many comments, please continue like that. This is the last part of this OS. @Stuti Abigail Tyagi, I’m sorry I didn’t take the wedding step by step, I quickly ended that as I mainly wanted to focus on the proposal, hope you don’t mind, but I will write an OS on the wedding only and the rituals only soon. I hope this was up to your mark and as well as others.  Also please do support my FF, called The Twisted Game of Destiny.

Riddhima: I have to go Vansh.

Vansh: No means no Riddhima! I’m keeping a party for Siya’s recovery, you’ll have to be there! So you can leave after tmr. (in his mind) But I won’t let you leave (smirk)

Riddhima: Fine then, I will stay for this evening, and go back tmr.

Siya: Riddhima, come I need to talk to you! Please.

Riddhima: Sure I’m coming, let me take my items back to the room.

Vansh: No need sweetheart! The servants will do so, no need to stress yourself out. (in his mind) you need to look well when I surprise you tonight.

Riddhima: Okay fine, let’s go Siya. (they both went)

Siya’s Room.

Siya: Riddhima please come and sit with me, I need to talk to you.

Riddhima: (sat with her) Yea tell me. Is it something important (curious)

Siya: Of course, it is very important, it’s abt your feelings, Riddhima.

Riddhima: My feelings? What are you talking about Siya, I don’t get you.

Siya: Exactly Riddhima, you don’t get it that’s why I’m talking to you.

Riddhima: Stop beating around the bush, get to the point. (Impatient)

Siya: (laughing) okay you want it to be straightforward right? (She nodded) Then here. You love Vansh Bhai!!

Riddhima: (shocked) what nonsense! How can I love him, he’s my good friend! And why do you think I love him?

Siya: Aren’t you feeling attracted to him? Do you admire him sometimes? Don’t you like his presence around you? Don’t you feel something happening in your heart when you see him, when he comes close to you, when you hear his voice? Doesn’t his smile make your day? Can you bear it when he gets hurt? (she bombarded her with questions While she thgt abt it deeply)

Riddhima: Is all that love? (absent minded/thinking and talking to herself)

Siya: (to herself) Work done! Now the heart will do the rest, let me get out of here (she left the room)

Riddhima: (realization) I am attracted to him, his face and his smiles makes my day joyful, I am attracted to his physique, his style his everything! His presence around me make me feel safer, his arms around me gives me feelings of security and peace. When he comes close, it’s as if my heart is about to exit my body, it starts pumping faster, his voice soothe my ears even though it’s full of anger and attitude (she made a face) Him getting hurt affects me deeply, I get hurt too, I can’t see him sad. What’s happening? I’m infected with a disease!! I’m in love….with him? I am in love with him. Yes I’m in love with him! I love him!! But him? I don’t care about his answer…. He has to accept me… but I do care about his answer, what if he breaks our friendship and throws me out of this house? I was anyway going but this time it would be embarrassing! But why would he? I’m sure he loves me too….does he? UHHH (holding her head) I’m going crazy, you know it’s true my friend (hope you remember who it is) what everyone says is right! You speak too much! Chup now! (scolding) No no! Cancel chup, if you become chup then who will help me confess, I will lose my friend, sorry friendy, don’t go on silent mode! Please! (pleading and puppy face) Mai pagal ho chuki hu! Pehle tho thodi thi hi, ab puri pagal ho chuki hoon! Siya yeh tune kya kardi ya, mujhe ab pagal thane ki zaroorat padhegi!

Kya karoon haaye
Kuch, Kuch hota hai,
Kya karron haaye,
Kuch kuch hota hai!  (plays in her head)

Vansh’s room

Vansh: (to himself, pacing around the room) I’ve convinced her for the time being but when I propose to her tonight, will she reject? If she rejects, she’ll leave, I can’t let her leave me, I won’t be able to live without her. She’s become my everything, my love, my life, my passion, my obsession, my world!

Ishani and Aryan: Bhai! (shocked after hearing all that) You love Riddhima?

Vansh: (shocked and nodded like a baby) Any crime in that?

Ishani: Of course…. Not bhai (happy) I’m so happy, planning to confess?

Aryan: bhai you better confess otherwise someone else might take the chance to do so…(pulling his collar, indicating himself)

Vansh: (angry) ARYAN!! Don’t you dare!

Aryan: Bhai…. Chill (laughing) Mamma Mia, I’m just joking! (if you guys have seen Houseful series- movie, you’ll know what I’m talking about)

Ishani: Ohh Mr Aakhri Pasta, come back to Aryan. Bhai propose to her!

Vansh: Yes I know Ishani, tonight in the party! (he smiled)

Kaise hua, kaise hua,
tu itna zaroori kaise hua (plays)


A lot of guests had arrived (no corona) to the party. It was a grand party, after ages. Siya’s recovery was the main reason for the part, but for Vansh, it wasn’t the main one, his main idea was to propose to his lady love. Vansh had worn a black tuxedo, looking handsome. He had been practicing in his room and when he was downstairs in the hall, he kept on murmuring.

Vansh: (murmuring fast) IloveyouRiddhimapleasedon’tgofromhereyou’remyeverything,iloveyousinceday1butrealizedlate,idontknowifyoudoso! Why I can’t I simply do it?


Vansh’s room, in front of mirror, practicing.

Vansh: (stern) Riddhima! I love you, will you marry me? No that’s not good. More feelings needed Vansh. (tried again) Riddhima, please stay, I really love you a lot! Gosh, why I can’t I do this, it’s not a business meeting!

(i hope you remember this scene, but imagine only Vansh)

Flashback ends

Siya: Arre bhai! Slow down, will you say it like that?

Vansh: Siya, I can’t just do it! (upset)

Siya: Bhai, your love is true right? Then why are you scared, when you will see her, your feeling will automatically starting outside in form of words. (she leaves)

Vansh: Hmm, she’s right…. But wait how did she know abt me and my proposal… Aryan!! I won’t spare him (just then he saw Riddhima descending, wore a gold ball gown) Ravishing! (he’s lost in her)

Dekha hazaro dafa aapko
Phir bekarari kaisi hai (plays)

Vansh: (to Riddhima) Gorgeous sweetheart! (she blushed) Haaye mein marjawan!!

Riddhima: (to Vansh) Handsome! (he smiled)

Ishani: (announcing) The party has started guys!! Let’s dance.

Vansh: (forwarding his hand to Riddhima) May i? (she nodded)

Vaaste (plays don’t mind, I’m a huge dhvani bhanushali’s fan)

Tujhe kitna chahne (plays)

Duniya (female version plays- don’t mind, I’m a huge dhvani bhanushali’s fan)

IMMJ2 Title track plays at last.

They both danced gracefully, lost in each other’s eyes, their souls meeting each other, their hearts beating for each other. As soon as the dance finished Vansh was called aside by Angre for some discussion while Riddhima was right underneath the chandelier. It got loose, gradually started falling and…
Vansh: (noticed) Riddhima!!!! (he ran to push her while it fell on the floors, shattering in pieces) Are you fine? (he caressed her face while she looked in shock) Who did this? Angre!! Check. (he nodded and picked Riddhima in a bridal style and took her to the sofa, calling off the party) Riddhima, are you fine, respond damn it! (worried)

Riddhima: (shock) I’m fin..e Vansh. (she hugged him tightly)

Vansh: (backing off) Couldn’t you see? You know my heart stopped beating for that moment! What if something happened to you? What would have happened to me? I can’t live without you!

Riddhima: (overcoming the shock) Vansh it’s fine, I’m okay. You’re there to save me so nothing can harm me! (she smiled)

Vansh: (kneeled) Riddhima, You’re my life, my heart beats for you, and it will always beat for you. Your face brings me peace and your voice is melodious music to my ears. Your presence keeps me living! I want to be yours and only yours forever and ever! Will you be mine? I love you to the moon and back, my love for you has no limits. I love you!!! Will you marry me? (he smiled)

Riddhima: (in tears) You’ve been my sunrise and sunset, without you I’m incomplete, with you I’m not Riddhima. Like the way the heart needs oxygen to beat that’s the way I need you, you’re my oxygen! My love is priceless and no limits bound it, I can do anything for you, even if it is to give up my life for you! I love you Vansh Rai Singhania!! I’ll be yours and only yours! I’ll stay by you for all the lives! I accept your proposal!! (she smiled and shouted in happiness)

Vansh: Really? (smiling got back up and hugged her tight while the family clapped for them)

After their beautiful confession, they soon got married with all the rituals. Vansh had given Riddhima a family that loved her a lot. They both loved each other immensely! They were like a couple made from heaven. Rab Ne bana di Jodi!!

Flashback Ends.

Vansh: I love you Sweetheart!!

Riddhima: I love you too!! (they touched their foreheads) Come on now, Vansh, go back to rest.

Vansh: Sure Madam! (they laughed, he lied down on the bed while Riddhima also did so beside him)

Riddhima: I want to hug you an sleep.

Vansh: That you’re always allowed to sweetheart! Good night (kissed her forehead)

Riddhima: Good night! (kissed his cheek)

They both went into a deep sleep, hearing each other’s heart beats which was their lullaby. They slept in each other’s arms, hugging each other tight. The next morning the doctors entered the room and were surprised.

Doctor: (to the nurse) There’s no heartbeat on the machine! He’s dead!

Nurse: (to doc) Not only him Doctor, his wife too! She’s not breathing (checking her pulses)

Doctor: Nurse check her bag, they might be something we can find. (she nodded and did so)

Nurse: Doctor, she’s left a letter. (reading)

    Dear …………. (I don’t know who will be reading this)

            I am Mrs Vansh Rai Singhania, wife of the patient who has Leukaemia, and is in Room no. 50.  I love him a lot and he loves me too. I had done tests too with my husband, from where I got to know that he has leukaemia, he already knew but he didn’t want to tell me. In my reports it was revealed that my heart is going weak. Well of course it would, after all my heart beats for Vansh and know he will be dying soon, so it would go weak. I was given medicines and I was told by the doctors that after 3 days, which is today, the day you would be reading this, he will pass away. We promised to be together always, and I didn’t want to break the promise, I had told him that I can die for him and so did I. I didn’t take my medicines in order to attain eternal peace with my love. Yesterday night was the best night ever, reminiscing all our moments and we got to be together. I got to sleep and hear his heartbeats while him listening to mine. It was our last night together. Never leaving him, dying with him, living with him. And we die in peace, in hand in hand.

Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania.

Doctor: This is what true love is called! Both died together, in their love.

With you I’m nothing,
With you, I’m something,
Together we are everything.

The End

I am done with this OS. Please support me the way you always did by commenting. Let me know how you liked this OS as a whole and how you liked the ending. If you want me to write on something pls do let me know, and I will also write with my own ideas. Thank you!!❤


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