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Hey foodies ,here is the next episode. 

Kartik is in his room with akshu.

Kartik : Akshu ,how are you . I know you are missing mumma na . She will come to you soon . Like when she faked her death 5 yrs back .

Krishna comes in.

Krishna : Kitkit ,why are you crying ?

Kartik : I am not crying .

Krishna : We have got a project for school . Can you help me ?

Kartik : Sure let’s go . I am coming akshu ?ok

Kartik : Ma ,I am helping Krishna for her project .Can you look at akshu ?

Suwarna : Yes , definitely .

Kartik and krishna goes .

In Jaisalmer,

Sirat : Maudi , I am back .

Maudi : Sirat , how much time were you outside ?

Sirat : Uff..ho maudi ,if I will not go ,then ,how will you eat burger 🍔.(my favourite item )

Maudi : hmm

Scene Freezes 

In Delhi ,

Doctor : She is safe .We haven’t seen a case ,she was having only 1% chances of living .we need to find about her family . Can you call the man ,who bringed her here?

Nurse :Yes doctor.

Mysterious man : I have founded her near Kuldevi Temple of Udaipur .

Girl hears the voice and she wakes up from coma .

Girl : Udaipur ..I have heard the name .

Doctor : Nurse , don’t let her take stress .

After checking ,

Nurse : She has a memory loss .

Doctor : We only know that she lives in Udaipur .Let me contact the doctor their . Till then ,take care of her .

Scene freezes.

Manish make understand Kartik about Kairav’s dream .We all know like in serial. (If you want ,then I will show in next episode)

Kartik : Kairav will go to Jaisalmer.

Vansh : Kairav our plan is successful ,all the best .

Kartik : Vansh ,you are also going n .

Vansh : No big bro ,it was our plan.

Scene freezes on Goenkas happy face and Kartik’s  confused face .

Precap : Kairav meet Sirat .

Hope you like it . Don’t forget to comment your views . Should I add Rhea or Riya in this FF .

My other FFS will be uploaded soon or tomorrow.

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