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randeep- what is ky fault that i loved my mom,dad amd alia whole-heartedly

randeep- you have never seen anger of a son but you will see today anger of a lover till alia does not get a donor a will hold the diya in my hand

after some time

vikram- alia got donor

randeep- what thank you god

randeep goes to the ward the doctor comes out

abhi- how is my sister

doctor- she is fine she has cracks in her bones she needs two month rest

then police comes

police- whe came to know who did this to miss alia mehra

randeep- who are they

police- they wee some local goons who were drunk and they throw stones

randeep- where are they

police- no need to worry we have arrested them

abhi- randeep go to alia

randeep goes to room

alia- what happened why are you tensed

randeep- because of you

alia does a cute pout and said-why because of me i have not told you to cry

randeep- ok leave that how are you feeling

alia- i was feeling food but after you told that to me i am angry

randeep- aww my baby is angry

alia- yes very angry

mehra and kohli enter

dida- how are you alia

alia- i am fine aunty

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