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Unexposed Part 6
This is a birthday treat for my readers.

The credit for the Zain Ada  edits goes to my dearest friend Reena.



A man and a woman were romancing.

Woman:That monster Aryan is no more.We trapped a person in Aryan murder case successfully.Thus we escaped.Nobody will know that we are behind his murder.We only killed him brutally.But poor Abhi is suffering.The idiotic police officers also do not believe Abhi.

Man:But Abhi is only a suspect now.If his family fights for him in the court with solid proof of his innocence the case will take a new route and even we may get suspected.

Woman:That should not happen.There should not be any proof in favour of Abhi.

Man:But if they prove Abhi innocent we can’t do anything.

Suddenly a woman came inside with a smirk.

The Man and the Woman were shocked.

“I will prove Abhi’s innocence and you both can’t do anything”.

That woman was Pragya.The man and the woman were Shashank and Riya.

They were embarrassed to face Pragya.

Pragya:What a drama!A dutiful police officer and a faithful wife.You both are having an illicit affair,So to get together you both killed Aryan.Riya…you killed your husband and shamelessly put the blame on my husband.

Riya burst out.

Riya:Yes.I did so.But Aryan deserved it.Shashank and I were in love with each other.But my step dad got me married to Aryan for his financial benefit.But Aryan was a monster.He tortured me every single moment.Then I met Shashank again.Our love got revived.Shashank’s love was the only medicine which cured the wounds caused by Aryan.What is wrong in keeping a relationship with Shashank who loves me?

Pragya:You should have ended your marriage with Aryan courageously instead of having an extra marital affair.But shamessly you had secret affair with your boy friend,killed your husband and trapped an innocent person in the crime you guys did.And Shashank,are you not ashamed to be doing this being a police officer?

Shashank and Riya were so embarrassed that they kept quit.

Shashank:How come you are here?

Pragya:Nice question.Actually Aryan was troubling me for s*xual favours.

Shashank and Riya were shocked.

Pragya:So I had come to your flat to complain to you against Aryan.Because you are Purab’s friend and I trusted you.But there shockingly I saw a scary looking goon in your flat.I overheard you talk to him.I heard you ordering him to kill Aryan with a shock.I left from there.

(After this only Pragya went to meet Aryan personally).

Shashank was shocked.

Pragya:I didn’t know what enmity you had with Aryan.

Shashank:Then why did’nt you tell it in front of your family when I arrested Abhishek?

Pragya:Because I knew that you and Riya would have twisted the fact and made me look like a fool in front of everyone.So I decided to keep quiet and come here to find the truth.But surprisingly I saw you and Riya together in a not so good position.I got the reason why you both decided to kill Aryan.To cover up your crime you trapped my husband and I will never forgive you.I will save him.

Riya:You can’t do anything Pragya.

Pragya:How will you shut my mouth?By killing me secretly?Even if you both kill me,you guys will be caught.

Because when I offered money,the goon you hired told me the truth and others I trust the most.So naturally if I get killed by both of you,all the fingers will be pointed at both of you.

Shashank and Riya got scared.

Pragya:So the so called inspector better remove Abhi from this case or you and your girl friend get trapped in the case.

Shashank and Riya got nervous.

Shashank:I promise you that I will remove Abhi from this case.

Pragya:But how?

Shashank:I don’t know.But somehow I will give him a clean chit.

Pragya smiled:Ok.Bye.

Pragya went out.

Riya started throwing things in anger while Shashank was also angry.

Shashank:Damn it!

Riya:How did you get scared before an ordinary woman?Did you forget that you are a police officer?

Shashank:No.I am a police officer.So I have to be image conscious too.If anything happens to my image my career will be ruined.Pragya might do that.

Riya:If Abhi gets released what if the investigation will take another route and we get exposed?

Shashank:I will make sure that it does’nt happen.I will warn the goon Rana not tell the truth to others like he told Pragya.

Riya:He is not trustworthy.See how he revealed the truth to Pragya.

Shashank:This time I will be strict with him.If he cheats us again,I will finish him.


Shashank rang up Rana.


Shashank:How dare you Rana?How dare you reveal to Pragya that I hired you to kill Aryan?When you got more money you sided them?

Rana:I am sorry Sir.There was another guy with her.He threatened me to say the truth.



Flash back….

Purab:Madamji…Sir….I don’t know anything.

Purab took a knife and kept it towards his neck.

Purab:If you don’t say the truth,I will kill you.Say…did Inspector Shashank give you money to kill Aryan?

Rana got scared.

Rana:Please don’t kill me Sir.Yes,I took money from Inspector Shashank to kill Aryan.


Purab pushed him.

Purab:Just for money,you are willing to kill anyone.Useless life.

Pragya:Leave him Purab.He won’t change.

Purab:Yes.It’s a waste of time to even talk to this professional killer.

Purab and Pragya left from there.




Shashank thought in his mind:Oh no.Purab too came to know my truth.How will I face him?

Rana:When I felt that my life is in danger I had no other option than to reveal them the truth Sir.

Shashank:Damn it!

Rana:Sir,but I need to tell you an important matter.

Shashank:After spoiling everything what else do you want to say?

Rana:It is very important Sir.

Rana told him something which shocked Shashank to the core.

Shashank cut the call.He was tensed.

Riya:Shashank,what happened?What did Rana say?

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