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Doctor checks Malini and tells nurses that patient has lost a lot of blood but is still surviving. Malini’s condition worsens. Doctor asks nurse to bring another doctor soon. Nurses rushes out of ICU. Dev asks how is his daughter. Nurse says can’t say anything and walks away. Nishant tells Adi that whatever Malini’s Daadi told is true as Adi is responsible for Malini’s condition. Imlie walks away hearing that. Dev asks Daadi if even she feels Imlie is the reason for Adi and Malini’s problems. Daadi says when someone comes between husband and wife when either of them allows, she doesn’t want to believe that, but today Mallini needs them more than Imlie; they couldn’t understand their child, gave her wrong opinions, and let her take such an extreme step; what will she answer Anu if something happens to Malini.

Imlie rushes to temple and prays god that Malini’s condition is because of her. Rupali consoles her that she shouldn’t blame herself as Malini’s pain will not lessen with it. Imlie says why did Malini take such a step, she is in deep pain and tried to kill herself for her suhaag, so its better that I die. She hits her had on idol stone. Rupali stops her and says she shouldn’t blame herself as she is Adi’s first wife and not Malini. Imlie asks her to speak low or else there will be a problem. Aparna with Taiji enters asking what bigger problem will come now, her bahu cut her wrist and tried to commit suicide; why did Imlie apply sindhoor when Malini warned her not to, she did really wrong. Rupali says Imlie didn’t know this would happen. Taiji says Imlie knows that unmarried girls cannot apply sindhoor; if she had obeyed Malini, this wouldn’t have happened; she considers Malini as her elder sister, then why didn’t she obey her order. Rupali yells at her to stop being insensitive and fill guilt in Imlie’s mind, Imlie is not at fault if Malini attempted suicide. Aparna asks if she means only Malini is at fault. Rupali says yes and says these people will love Imlie until she obeys and works for them; she should not bother about them and do whatever she wants. Taiji asks why she is provoking Imlie when Malini is fighting for her life. Rupali takes Imlie away saying it is waste to speak to them as they will blame her if she is around them.

Dev asks doctor about Malini’s condition. Doctor says Malini has lost a lot of blood and needs transfusion. Adi says then he should do that. Doctor says Malini has rare blood group O negative. Dev says he will give her blood. Daadi says he cannot as he is on medication. Tauji reminisces Malini informing that she will give her blood to Imlie as their blood group is same. He asks where is Imlie and says her blood group is same. Rupali drags Imlie out of hospital. Adi searches Imlie and asks Nishant where is Imlie. Nishant asks if he is worried for cool dude even now. Adi says Imlie and Malini’s blood group is same. Taiji says Rupali took Imlie out of hospital. Rupali gets Imlie into cab. Adi runs and calls Imlie. Imlie stops cab and runs inside hospital worried for Malini and requests doctor to transfuse her blood to Malini. Doctor says he doesn’t know if Malini’s body would accept it. She says Malini’s mind is very strong and she will accept it. She gives her blood while Malini is still unconscious. Dev prays god why his both daughters are in pain. Dev thinks he is responsible for all this.

Malini’s condition deteriorates. Imlie pleads doctor to save Malini and holds Malini’s hand. Malini’s condition stabilizes. Imlie says she told Malini is strong. Doctor asks her to go and rest and sends her out with nurse and Rupali. Adi asks where are they taking her. Rupali says Imlie donated blood, so she needs rest; makes Imlie rest and returns to family. Doctor informs family that Malini is out of danger finally and they all can meet her. They all happily walk into Malini’s room. Adi thinks anything would have happened today, he forced Malini to sacrifice her life for him, he is unfit for anything. Rupali asks him not to blame himself as it wasn’t anyone’s mistake and thank god Malini is out of danger; Malini has everyone with her, but Imlie is alone; she will take parents home, he should give some juice to Imlie. Adi asks if Imlie is weak. Rupali says she will not inform even if she gets weak and walks away asking him to take care. Adi walks towards her when Nishant asks him to meet bhabhi first. He looks at Imlie and walks into Malini’s room.

Precap: Adi tells Malini that she is taking revenge from her and asks if he stooped so low in her eyes. Malini asks what he wanted to tell her. He says he is late. She insists to speak. He says a few months ago when he..

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