Hi all, I saw the comments that most of you thought Kabir toh Gaya, but it’s nothing like that, keep reading😀

Episode starts…..
Vansh and Riddhima reach home.
Riddhima: Excited for tomorrow?
Vansh: Why?
Riddhima: Come on, Vansh. It’s your sister’s marriage!
Vansh: Yeah it is. I can’t believe Ishani is getting married. She grew up too fast.
Riddhima: Hmmm, but you are lucky. She isn’t leaving the house. And will always be in your eyes.
Vansh: Indeed.(Sighs) I will be back. Let me check the arrangements. You should sleep.
Riddhima: Good night.
Vansh: Good night
Vansh leaves the room. Kabir was spying on both of them from the window. He jumped into the room. Riddhima was sleeping. He came and sat beside Riddhima.
Kabir: Why did you marry this Vansh? Don’t worry. I will make you hate him and love me soon.
He bents to kiss her but Riddhima turns to the other side. He heard footsteps and ran away.
Next morning
It was Ishangre’s marriage day. Riddhima and Vansh were ready for the marriage. They both were looking very beautiful. Vansh grabbed Riddhima and they had their first liplock! (Isse aage mujhe nhi jaana)
(It was nothing just imagine the while marriage. I hardly have time due to online classes. Sorry for any delays).
The marriage ended. Riddhima was talking to Dadi when they heard Vansh shouting.
Vansh: Can’t you do a work properly? Angre got busy a day you all thought it’s a holiday? I want all information right now!
Dadi: Ohho Vansh, stop shouting on the phone.
Vansh hanged up the call.
Dadi: Riddhima, I know you both haven’t eaten anything. Go both of you and have dinner.
Riddhima: I am coming with the dinner in the room.
They both were having dinner when someone threw a stone from the window. It just landed between them. Vansh stood up and went outside. He saw no one. Vansh closed the window.
Riddhima: Who was it?
Vansh: I don’t know
Riddhima: We will see later. Have your dinner.
Vansh: Riddhima, I love you.
Riddhima: I love you too! You are looking a little upset. What happened?
Vansh took Riddhima’s hand in his hand.
Vansh: You were in trouble because of me. Oh, have you taken your medicine?
Riddhima: No, I will take them after dinner.
Kabir’s home office
Kabir: Mom! We have to make a plan now.
(The mom was of course. Anupriya)
Anupriya: I know beta. But first, I want to take this Riddhima out of the mansion.
Kabir: No mom, our main goal is Vansh. And he will be killed tomorrow.
Anupriya: Wow! Are you sure ?
Kabir: Yes mom, tomorrow is the last day of Vansh Rai Singhania. Then the only heard word will be ‘Kabir’.
Precap: Vanshhhh!!!

Hope you all liked it, so today’s goal is also 23 comments. Thanks for reading!


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