TODAY’S the best day of my life definitely after a whole 1 year of long distance relationship i am going to meet the love of my life i drive towards the airport which is an hour distance.

Tu nazm nazm sa mere

Honthon pe thehar ja

“Vansh i love you,” ” i love you more”

Main khwab khwab sa teri

Aankhon mein jaagun re 

“Vansh come on dont do this on a date vansh,i don’t know any shekhawat any angre” “riddhu but-“, “you know what mr Raisinghania you enjoy ur date with angre only.” ” Riddhu turn around once.”

Jis aur teri shehnaai

Uss ore main bhaagun re

“Vansh but u said ” she hugged me tight “u madam didn’t let me complete” we enjoyed our date.

Haath thaam le piya

Karte hain vaada

“Vansh I’ve to go to Paris for my course for 2 years.” “Take care please and call me everytime , i love  you.” “You sure we can do long distance right?” She asked , “ofc we can i believe in our love.” “Then i believe in you” she smiled .

Ab se tu aarzu

Tu hi hai iraada

“Bye vansh i love you”she tried to control her tears “call me when you board ur plane , land then board then land at night in the morning.” “Yes i will i promise you”.

Mera naam le piya

Main teri rubaai.

“Riddhima why weren’t you picking my calls for a whole week.” “Vansh vansh listen to me,i slipped and hurt my ankle and phone broke.”

Teri hi tto piche piche

Barsaat aayi, barsaat aayi

“Vansh no please there are alot of covid cases here it won’t be safe.” “My priority is u not me”  “AND MY PRIORITY IS YOU ” she said we ended the matter peacefully i hired a person insisted her that she will look after you .

Tu itrr itrr sa mere

Saanson mein bikhar jaa

Main faqeer tere qurbat ka

Tujhse tu maangun re.

“And vansh u know professor jerry is soo good he bought croissants for the whole class cabn u believe it.” “Thats so good i am happy that you are happy.”

Tu ishq ishq sa mere

Rooh mein aake bas ja

Jis aur teri shehnaai

Uss ore main bhaagun re

“Vansh bhai u talk to her every day let me talk” “uff ishani” “ISHANI” she shouted from the phone. They spoke for an hour together like.long lost FRIENDS!.

Mere dil ke lifaafe mein

Tera khat hai janiya

Tera khat hai janiya.

Dear vansh

I guess u will receive this letter earlier that i thought I’m coming back my course is over wohoo early it was supposed to be 2 years but now on may im coming back so u beeter come to pick me and call me after u receive this letter. Love you 💙

Nacheez ne kaise paa li

Kismat yeh janiya ve 

“Riddhu im soooo happy” we spoke for hours.

Tu nazm nazm sa mere

Honthon pe thehar ja.

Now im standing in the airport waiting for my lady love and she is there she ran towards me dropped her luggage i hugged her and kissed her lips i was soo happy.

Main khwaab khwaab sa teri

Aankhon mein jaagun re.

“I love you”, ” i love you more”

Tu ishq ishq sa mere

Rooh mein aake bas ja

“So ive a surprise for you what do u say” ,” yay yay yay” she cheered in excitement.

We reached the beach everything was decorated .

Jis aur teri shehnaai

Uss ore main bhaagun re

“You made my life heaven all i want to say is  i love until i die, and even if there is life after that i love you then. Ms riddhima sharma would you like to be Mrs vansh Rai Singhania.” “Yes yes yes i would love to i love you vansh now put the ring” i slid the ring into her finger and we kissed .

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