Love Is In The Air Episode 49 – Telly Updates

Episode starts

Komolika is outside Prerna’s room watching her from the darkness. She feels a tap on her shoulder and turns. There stands a man with his head covered in a hoodie. His face is hidden in the darkness of the night

Komolika: Everything is ready now. I have started the plan

Man:Good job Komolika

Komolika: I want Anurag at any cost

Man: And I want my revenge at any cost

Komolika: Now we will hear whatever happens in her room

Man: Great plan. You are a genius 

Komolika: Thanks to Mr.Mehta and Rupali mam

Man: Oh Rupali mam too helped

Komolika: She has such a brilliant brain and after knowing my true love for Anurag she helped me improve my plan

Man: Thats great Komolika. Chal lets leave. 
He takes Komolika with him. On the other end Prerna who is unaware of all this is sleeping peacefully . Her phone rings and its Anurag

Prerna: Anurag..

Anurag: Prerna woh…Rohit…

Prerna: Rohit?

Anurag: Is serious now. Police want to enquire Mishti and we need a sign of the family

Prerna: I will come to the hospital 

Anurag: Kunal has come there to pick you..sneak out carefully 

Prerna: Okay ..Ill come

Prerna gets ready and comes to her window to sneak out. Komolika hears the rattling noise in her speaker as she is in the car

Komolika: Shsh..She is opening her window..did she find out?

Man: No way..

Komolika: Then turn her house..lets see what’s going on

The man turns the car and they go towards Prerna’s house but before they could reach Prerna leaves with Kunal. Komolika runs to the place where she placed the microphone and sighs put of relief on finding it there. She peeps inside and sees the setup by Prerna to convince her parents that she is there and Komolika is convinced too. She gets back smiling. 

The scene shifts to the government hospital 

Kartik: Why do we bother Mishti now?

Akash: Protocol Kartik..she too has gained consciousness and her statement is needed

Just then the nurse comes out

Nurse: Sir..he is ready for the enquiry

Akash rushes inside with Kartik Naksh and Anurag

Akash: Rohit..who did this to you?

Rohit (in a staggeered tone) : He wont leave you…he won’t leave anyone….his plans are big

Kartik: Who is it? Did he..

Rohit: I only tried to save Mishti from the truck he had arranged to hit her…he knew it somehow and lit fire in the godown..he attacked me and took me to my house and hung ……

Everyone is shocked

Anurag: Is it Mr.Mehta?

Rohit: He wont do anything directly….its his man….he was hiding his face and we know him by the name Polo

Naksh: Polo?

Rohit: His nickname..he is thirsty for revenge 

Akash: Revenge against?

Rohit: Goenkas, Singhanias , Basus everyone 

Akash: How are they linked?

Kartik: Is this revenge for something recent or?

Rohit: He said he was waiting for 25 years to fulfill this revenge 

Anurag: I guess Rohit is blabbering  in the sedation

Nurse: Sir he is not under sedation..we made him ready according to the enquiry protocol

Akash: Rohit..can you help us sketch his body structure atleast

Rohit nods

Akash: Good…constable bring the sketch incharge and get it done soon. Kartik..Anurag Ill be here you both go to Mishti and be there

Naksh: Ill be come too

Anurag Naksh and Kartik leave for the hospital


Prerna signs the form. Just then Kartik Naksh and Anurag come. Kunal, Keerthi Kuhu and Abir rush to them. So does Naira

Kartik: Naira how did you come here?

Naira: With Prerna and Kunal..with all this happening I cant stay there at peace

Kartik: What about your health?

Naira: Oh ho mendak shut up bp will raise if im at home..stop your tar tar and tell us what Rohit said

Anurag and Kartik narrate the happenings

Abir: That day too he warned Mishti about Mr.Mehta..and..I misunderstood him

Keerthi: along with Mr.Mehta there is someone else too

Naira: More thirsty for vengeance..but how are we all linked that too 25 years back

Kartik: Maybe our parents will have an answer

Naksh: Kartik..if so..when we met Mohini aunty for talking about our wedding our parents would have recognised right, similarly when Dadi and uncle came to see Naira muma and papa were here..they would have known too

Anurag: Maybe they knew thats why they agreed for your love

Kartik: No Anurag..if so they would have reacted..accepting love was because of their trust on us

Kunal: I guess they are connected without their knowledge 

Kuhu: Idiot dont blabber

Abir: Wait Kuhu..I guess he is right..they are connected by someway they don’t realise but that man knows

Prerna: How is that possible?

Naksh: Why not Prerna? They maybe linked to him independently…without knowing that others have a link too

Kartik: Lets start to work on it

Abir: Not now bhai. Now we need to concentrate on Sagaai preparations. Only 8 days for it..because its 12 pm and its Sunday Sunday we have sagaai

Anurag: I will manage it you…

Abir: No bhaiya..its our responsibility too..what say?

Kartik: Definitely . Lets work on it

The police get out of Mishti’s room

Kartik: Sir..

Police: Mishti is saying that she was walking absent mindedly and truck was approaching her..when Rohit grabbed her apart and took her to the godown..she was protesting his actions but suddenly the place was on fire and smoked filled everywhere..the next person she saw was Abir

Anurag: That confirms Rohit’s statement

Police: Exactly..I need to report to Akash sir..Ill take your leave

The policeman leaves. The scene freezes


Naira is carrying a lot of books . She sees Anjali going to Kartik’s cabin and is irritated as usual. She muuters to herself and doesn’t concentrate on her steps. She slips and the books fall. Naira is about to fall when she feels a grip . She who had closed her eyes in fright opens them to see Kartik holding her

Kartik: Why dont you be careful?

Naira: Sorry woh…

Anjali runs to them. On seeing her Kartik makes Naira stand and moves a step away

Kartik: Miss. Naira be careful . You have just now recovered

Naira nods. Kartik leaves from there. Naira starts to pick the books

Anjali: Why are you always behind my Kartik?

Naira in mind: That should be my question

Anjali: I wont let you woo him..he is mine..and only mine. Better stay away

Naira: Anjali..first prove that he is yours then talk

Anjali: Done the coming college party..I will walk the ramp with Kartik and dance with him. If you can stop him. Its a challenge
Naira smiles as Anjali leaves from there. The scene freezes.


Keerthi: Abir you can take her home now

Abir: Didi what do I say at home?

Keerthi: Tell her that her duty just got over and about the suture , tell that she fell down and thats why you brought her with you

Abir: Arent we doing something bad?

Keerthi: Abir..we aren’t sure about anything can we tell anyone about it..its better to hide it..
Abir: Okay then..Ill take her home

Abir walks inside the room. Mishti is chatting with Kuhu

Abir: Kuhu..get ready Ill drop you too

Mishti: Kuhu will go with Kunal..hena

Abir: When Im here why to trouble him..he just now went to have some sleep

Mishti under her breath: Budhuram..he will never understand anything

Mishti: Abir….dont act dumb

Abir just then realises it

Kuhu: Im leaving from here to get Kunal..he is a bigger tubelight

Kuhu leaves

Mishti: I wanted to be alone with you…

Abir: Sorry woh..

Mishti: Rockstar is turning into a rock romance nothing waste

Abir: Did you just call me waste?

Mishti nods.

Abir: Chashmish..Woh yesterday all that happened

Mishti opens her arms and calls him for a hug. He hugs her

Mishti: Thats alright..Im fine see..right in front of you

Abir: Hereafter you are not going anywhere it

Mishti: Par..restroom toh jaa sakti hoon na

Abir starts to laugh. The scene freezes


1. Its Sagaai shopping time
2. Naina is shocked 
3. Anjali crosses limits
4. Polo makes a call

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