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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 30th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mayura seeing Omkar and Tara’s pic and thinks of his words. Omkar opens Tara’s blind folds. Tara asks if we have won the hide and seek game. Omkar says yes, we have won. Tara says that aunty was bad and asks him to take her to Mamma. Omkar says ok, and asks her to tell Mayura about Vishaka keeping her captive. Tara says ok. Omkar calls Mayura. Mayura asks what you want to lie now. Tara takes the call and says she is with Papa. Mayura asks her to say loudly. Tara tells that Vishaka aunty….Omkar takes the call and tells Mayura that Tara is with him. Vishaka sits in the car and hits Omkar. Tara shouts Papa. Omkar sees Tara taken away by Vishaka’s goons and he faints. Mayura tries calling him and thinks why the call was disconnected. She thinks what Tara was telling about Papa and Vishaka Aunty. Vishaka looks at injured Omkar and smiles. The lady guard tells her that she has sent the girl to different place. Vishaka hits her head on the tree and asks the lady guard to take her to Mayura. Mayura thinks neither Vishaka nor Omkar’s call is connecting. Vishaka comes home and acts to be dizzy due to head injury. Mayura asks what happened? Vishaka says this is done by Omkar and says she saw him taking Tara in a car. She says she followed him and he saw her. He says Omkar caught her and threatened her. She tells that she ran away from there and he tried to hit her, but he himself met with an accident. She says she saw death so near, don’t know what would have happen with her. She tells that she called ambulance and sent Omkar to hospital. Mayura says may be Tara wanted to tell this and asks Vishaka to come to hospital. Vishaka says she will get bandage done and asks her to go and meet Omkar if she cares for him. Mayura says I will meet him for attempting to kill you and for kidnapping Tara. She says she will take the Police along with her.

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