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Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Reema telling Professor that the call is for Simar. Professor walks towards Simar. Reema signs Simar to lie and says it was for the audition. Simar tells that she was selected by vividh bharti. Reema says they asked for passport size photo and that’s why they contacted photographer for the photo. Professor asks Simar to talk to photographer. Simar picks the call. Professor asks her to get ready for the photo in the day time. Simar says I…Reema says she will come and ends the call. Reema asks can I get the photo shoot done. Professor scolds her and tells that he will get her marired in a month and then Simar’s turn will come. He tells Indu that they have just one month. Vivaan talks to Aarav about his dream girl. Simar comes there and gives them coffee. Aarav says you never made us miss our real Maasi. Simar says I am your Maasi only. Sandhya tells Chitra that Simar is their real Maasi and tells that she has helped her deliver Aarav. Chitra gets irked.

Simar asks Sandhya about her idea of her bahus. Sandhya says I like bahu like you. Chita looks at some girls’ pic and says she wants beautiful and rich girls, as poor and middle class girls can’t match our life styles, and can’t fulfill the relations. Badi Maa is about to get up to answer Chitra. Simar looks at her and calls Chitra. She tells that she comes from middle class family, but got adjusted in a rich family after marriage and they always thought her as their daughter. Badi Maa calls Chitra and takes photos from her hand. She tells Simar that’s why she wants her to search bahu for them. She says Nirmala has done one thing good, by making you as her bahu. She tells that Sandhya said right, we want your reflection.

Reema asks Simar to handle the situation if she runs away from mandap. Simar says until when I will lie. Reema asks Indu to get her marriage done. Simar says yes, get my marriage then, then who will lie for you. She says she made me lie infront of Papa. Indu asks her to lie for her and tells that she wants him to come early. Simar says she will happily lie.

Aarav lights the diya and keeps his head down before Mata Rani. Sandhya tells that this is our kuldevi and mata rani’s avatar. She tells that Dada ji was her big bhakt and couldn’t understand Lakshmi. Aarav asks what do you mean? Gajendra says nothing. Sandhya says you have not forgetton your values. Aarav says it is all because of her. Sandhya asks her to go.

Chitra tells her husband that Badi maa will give everything to Aarav. He says he can’t do anything, as my father has named the property on badi maa’s name. He says your son has become lakshman of Aarav. Chitra says my son is bharat and not Lakshman and thinks to send Aarav to vanvas. Aarav comes there. Chitra asks him about marriage. He asks then where will dad go? His Dad Viraj laughs. Chitra and Viraj asks him to take over the legacy forward of the Durga Pedha. Vivaan asks them to tell Aarav as Dada ji’s legacy is everything to him.

The young Simar practices singing and plays the guitar while giving audition. Badi Maa hears the voice coming from outside and keeps hand on her ears. Aarav gets excited and thinks who is singing the classical song. He comes out. Watchman says it is coming from radio. Aarav says it is good, let it play. Badi Maa comes out and breaks the radio in anger. Aarav looks shocked. She looks at the watchmen.

Precap: The young Simar collides with Simar. Later Aarav and Simar come face to face. Badi Maa comes to the radio office and scolds them for doing musical show.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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