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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu as Daddy with hunter scares Tiwari and asks to dance, Tiwari says I wont dance, Daddy scares him, Tiwari starts dancing, Daddy joins him, Tiwari farts and faints. Daddy says I will remove all the dancers out of gis body.

Vibhu tells David and Helan, you should have seen Tiwari, Helan gets irritated over David and scolds David and Helan for fooling people, David says there are many people like this in market, Vibhu says mom please we are on peak of our business, Happu walks in, Vibhu asks what is your rate, Happu says ask me with some respect and because of me you are earning this money, Vibhu asks what you want, Happu says 50%, Vibhu says I won’t give, Happu says then come with me to police station, Vibhu says I will tell in court you are asking me for bribe, Happu asks how will you prove that in court, Vibhu says I just recorded you, Happu says shameless man, give me my share, David says we will give you something, Vibhu says heres your share, Happu counts money, gets angry and leaves.

Tiwari tied, Amaji and Angoori forcefully given him food, Tiwari says it’s tasteless I dont want, Amaji forces Tiwari to eat, Gupta walks in, and says will you kill him, Amaji says you know the truth, Gupta says Vibhu is fooling people, there is no ghost, Amaji says how you know, Gupta says even I was part of it and they cheated me too, Angoori says I can’t believe this, Gupta says I swear I am not lying, Tiwari says we will catch him red handed.

TMT happy about getting married, Teeka says I feel so light, Tilu says we are married now, Malkan says I slept late at night but not tired, Tilu says same here even I feel good, Teeka says me too. Gupta walks to them and says I have a truth for you, all this was a lie, Vibhu and David fooled you and tells them whole story, TMT get angry, Gupta leaves.

Vibhu on call with Anu, Anu asks for 50,000₹ more, David and Helan walk to them and ask them to do something about Gupta. Amaji walks in crying says ghost in Tiwari killed Angoori, all rush to Tiwari’s.

Tiwari standing with gun and Angoori sleeping on sofa, Tiwari says I am not Tiwari, I am Zohrajaan, Vibhu says you killed her, you are cruel, Vibhu starts crying, and says Tiwari you killed her, David says to Helan look at him crying for other woman and if you would die he would not cry this one, Vibhu says I lied I was Daddy, and David and Helan joined me because Anu wanted moeny, Angoori wakes up and says enough of this role play, Vibhu says I am happy she is alive, Tiwari says we did this to teach you lesson.

Helan and David in living room, David says how bad is this, Helan says dont tell about this letter to Vibhu, Vibhu walks in and asks what is this letter and takes it from David, David says its Anu’s letter, Vibhu says how nice and reads it, I hope you are nice and transferred money, manage in whatever money sent and dont sell house stuff, take care and dont fool around. Helan and David shout at Vibhu and says we know you are angry, David says she is yelling at you in whole letter, Vibhu says I don’t have problem, I know her, Helan says look at him just like a dead man. A man walks in and says I have anger management centre if anyone interested please send, David says we would love it if it was reverse, Man says not possible and leaves.

Pre cap: Prem tells Vibhu, his friend can help him in fake certificate, Vibhu says I want one.
Vibhu visits Tiwari’s as doctor of Anger Management.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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